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Thanksgiving Pet Safety Reminders

It's that time of year again - the time to thank and the time to give! But remember, as wonderful as Thanksgiving is, it has the potential to be dangerous for your pet. Here are some Thanksgiving pet safety reminders to take with you for the holidays. 

Watch Exits

With lots of family or friends coming in and out of the house, it might be easy for your pup to slip out; noticed or unnoticed. Be sure to watch the doors when your guests enter and leave, and consider keeping your pup away from the door altogether by separating them from the entryway. 

Keep Collars On

While you might like your dog being comfy without their collar on, make sure that you keep it on during the holidays so that all of their important ID information is accessible. If they slip out the door or sneak through a fence, they are much more likely to be returned to you if they are wearing contact info.

Avoid Dangerous Decorative Plants

While flowers and plants look lovely as Thanksgiving decorations, be aware of the plans that could potentially be harmful to your pets. Baby's Breath, ferns, hydrangeas, Sweet William, and amaryllis are just some seasonal plants that can be toxic to your pets if they try to snack on them. 

Avoid Table Scraps

We've said this before, and we'll say it again - don't let your guests feed your pup table scraps. While select foods are okay for your dog to have a little bit of, they will likely get overload on Thanksgiving if everyone is feeding them some scraps. Make it a general rule so that your pup doesn't end up with a tummy ache. Here are some foods that they should definitely avoid and should be kept far out of their reach, since they can be toxic: turkey skin, turkey bones, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes chocolate, and cranberry sauce. 

And remember the most important rule of all - to be thankful for your dog on Thanksgiving!

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Jenna Gomes