January 24, 2017

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The Never-Ending Bond

Some bonds can never be broken. And one of those bonds? The one between human and dog.

You know what's even greater than the bond itself? Capturing it on video.

In England, Marc Richardson, came back from his leave of the North Yorkshire Police department ater two weeks to pick up his two BFFs (best furry friends.) When they saw him, the bond became owner and dog became apparent. The two pups, Dutch and Bailey, were thrilled to see their human again. They jumped at Richardson out of pure joy, one jumping right into his arms!

The police station uploaded a video of the heartwarming moment Facebook, captioning it, "That moment when dogs and handler see each other for the first time in two weeks."

Just two weeks went by, and you could see the pure thrill and joy the dogs have to see their best buddy back. The bond between Richardson in the dogs is well-known in the station and around town. 

This isn't the only adorable dog-owner reuniting that's become popular. 

Another story back in March covered military dog Rocky and his human, army specialist Andrew Brown. They both served in Afghanistan last year and were injured by a road-side bomb. 

Both received Purple Hearts for their bravery, and were sent off to recovery. Rocky recovered at a hospital in Germany while Brown was at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Maryland. 

After months of rehabilitation, Rocky finally was flown home to reunite with his best buddy. His reaction? Priceless.

Now everyone, go reunite with your dogs! Even if they saw you two minutes ago, they'll be happy with the attention. 

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