January 24, 2017

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Right after the infamous Macy's Day Parade on Thanksgiving Day, the National Dog Show airs so that you can watch adorable dogs while you cook. Of course, Thanksgiving Day can be very busy for some. So if you missed, out, don't worry! We're here to catch you up on the results of the 2016 National Dog Show. 

Over 2,000 dogs competed this year in the show, but not all of them could be winners. The final dogs who took home the awards are below:

Sporting Group

Winner: Timmy

Breed: English Springer Spaniel

Timmy the Springer Spaniel impressed the judges with his sleek, beautiful coat and adorable face. 

Hound Group

Winner: Gia

Breed: Greyhound

Gia had the perfect combination of spunk and elegance that not only made her look regal, but also stole the judges' hearts! 

Working Group

Winner: Ty

Breed: Giant Schnauzer

What's even cuter than a Schnauzer? A Giant Schanuzer! Ty had that perfectly-curled coat that gives off that distinct look his breed is known for. Plus, he had a handsomely groomed mug. 

Terrier Group

Winner: Rondo

Breed:West Highland White Terrier

Rondo was just too cute for the judges to pass up. They gave him the win for his superior attitude and maybe even his little wagging tail. 

Toy Group

Winner: Chuck

Breed: Pekingese

Pekingnese have those little smushy faces that we can't help but love. Chuck (a big name for such a little guy) led the Toy Group with his adorable face and tiny legs. 

Non-Sporting Group

Winner: Clue

Breed: Tibetan Terrier

Clue may be a Tibetan Terrier, but he's actually not in the Terrier Group! Big and furry, Clue made the judges smile with his eagerness and his adorably big-looking paws. 

Herding Group

Winner: Slick

Breed: Border Collie

How could the judges not fall in love with Slick? He was a gorgeous Border Collie whose coat shined (slick) under the lights and bounced as he walked. 


And the winner was... Gia the Greyound from the Sporting Group. It wasn't Gia's first win, though. It is her 44th Best in Show so far! The four-year-old is impressive and the judge acknowledged how she held her head and walked with poise and grace. Gia will retire in February after the Westminster show. Good luck, Gia!


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