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Tips for Beach-Bumming with Your Dog

The summer isn't over just yet. Take advantage of the time you have left and head to the beach with your pup! However, if your dog has never been to the beach before, you might want to take these tips with you.

Make Sure Your Dog Enjoys Water

Before you even head out to the beach, you'll want to confirm that your dog will actually have a good time at the beach. Many dogs hate baths, but you can also test your pup's feelings about water by setting out a kiddie pool and encouraging them to swim. If they're scared of water, the beach might not be the best destination for them.

Prioritize Shade and Water

While you might like to go tanning at the beach, straight sun will be too hot for your dog. Make sure that you have an umbrella or access to shade so that your dog doesn't have to lay directly in the sun. Be sure to bring plenty of water with you, as well as a bowl for water. 

Watch for Hot Sand

Just like hot sand can burn our feet, it can burn your dog's feet, too. Either put rubber booties on your pup's feet or carry them to shaded and wet areas. This will keep their paws from getting dry or burnt. 

Keep an Eye on Your Dog

Be sure to monitor your dog at all times. If it's an off-leash beach or lake, they might run around, so be sure to away keep an eye on them. Dogs can find all sorts of things on the beach, from buried snacks to pieces of trash. Make sure they don't get these! Also be sure to keep an eye on them around other people and dogs. 

Keep Their Collar On

Even if it's an off-leash beach, be sure to keep your dog's collar on so that they can be identified on the chance they get separated from you. 

Get a Long Leash

If it's a leashed beach, be sure to invest in a long leash so that you can give your dog plenty of room to run. Keeping them leashed will give you more peace of mind, and getting a longer leash will give them the freedom they so badly want. 


And the last tip? To have fun!

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Jenna Gomes