December 16, 2018

Tips for Getting Your Dog Outside in the Rain

This time of year, there's all kinds of weather happening across the country, from snow to fog to rain. And sometimes when it's raining, your pup refuses to go outside. However, it's not beneficial for your dog to hold it in all day, especially if they can't hold it, and it's not beneficial for you if they have an accident! Here are some tips you can take with you that will help you get your dog outside to go potty on those rainy days. 

Get a Raincoat - For Your Dog!

You're not the only person who can benefit from a raincoat. Many dogs don't like going outside in the rain because they don't like getting water in their eyes or ears. Putting a raincoat on them can help keep the water out of their face and therefore encourage them to go outside. Plus, it will help keep them warm on those colder days.

Go With Them and Leash Them

If you usually just put your dog in the backyard to go potty and go back inside, reconsider when it's raining. Your dog will have more incentive to go potty if you're with them, encouraging them. When you go outside with them, put a leash on them so that you have more control over where they go and can keep them from heading back inside. 

Take a Walk

If you need to, take a quick walk around the backyard or neighborhood. Some dogs need to walk a little bit in order to go the bathroom, and if you usually walk your dog to go potty, then keep the routine the same even if it's raining. 

Cover an Area of the Yard

If your dog really doesn't like the rain, consider covering an area of the yard with a tent or awning. This might help encourage your pup to go potty, since they will be safe from the rainfall when they're actually in the act of doing their business. 

Have Fun!

Once you do get your dog outside, have fun with them! Talk to them in an excited voice while they're looking for a spot to go potty. Give them treats - but only once they go potty. They will then associate going potty in the rain with treats! Having fun and being enthusiastic about them going potty outside will help them look forward to the activity once they have to do it.  

Remember - the most important part is to tell your dog how good they are for going potty in the rain. Soon, you'll find it easy to get them out and you'll be the only one who needs convincing!

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