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Tips for Hiking With Your Dog

With the weather getting warmer, hiking season is upon us! Whether you're tackling nature trails or hiking up a local cliff, it's always more fun to have your furry best friend by your side. Here are some tips for when you go hiking with your pup.

Preventative Repellent

Before you go out into the woods, make sure that your dog is armed with flea and tick protection. There is also specially-made insect repellent for dogs that helps protect them from annoying creatures like mosquitoes and gnats.

First Aid Kit

You never know what kind of emergencies can happen on a hike, so be sure to pack a first aid kit not just for you but also for your dog. You can either buy a doggy first aid kit or make one on your own. Multiple items in your first aid kit can include gauze, eye drops, and peroxide. 

Plenty of Water and Food

The most important thing to bring on your hike is water. Both you and your dog need to stay hydrated, specifically in hotter temperatures. For your dog, pack a flexible/foldable bowl to pour the water into. It's much easier for them to drink from a bowl then from a water bottle. Be sure to pack healthy snacks for you and your dog, as well as their food if you'll be hiking for a long period of time.

Leash Up

Depending on where you're hiking, there might be leash laws. Even if there are no leash laws where you're going, it's smart to keep your dog on a leash, even a long one. If you're hiking through the woods, other animals might be mingling around, which might cause your dog to run off or get confused. 

Waste Disposal

Of course, you'll want to have a plan for waste disposal! Not all trails have trash cans along the route, so if your dog does their business, have a plan for how you'll dispose it. Sometimes bringing a large freezer bag and plastic bags will work as a temporary transporter. 


Believe it or not, your dog needs sun protection, too. Even if your pup has thick fur, the sun can still burn their skin. If you dog is hairless or has short hair, it's even more important to help protect them from sun damage. There are specially-made sunscreens for dogs that will work to keep their skin from getting burned.

And the most important thing you'll need... FUN!

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Jenna Gomes