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Tips on How to Make Your Dog Internet-Famous

Have some time on your hands right now? Have a bunch of adorable pictures of your dog stocked up on your phone (of course you do)? Then it seems like it's the perfect time to help your dog go internet-famous. Here are some tips to help them out!

Pick a Medium

Instead of trying to hit every website or social media app, pick one and strengthen it before moving on to others. Is your dog witty or do they have a lot to say? Twitter might be your medium. Just trying to capture your dog's adorable face? Instagram is your friend.

Finding Something Different About Your Pup

Not every dog can be internet-famous, but your dog can! One of the keys to helping your pup succeed on the internet is to emphasize something that's different or unique about your dog. Do they have an underbite? Two different colored eyes? Only three legs? Whatever is unique about them, highlight this often in their social media profile so that people start to notice them for this special quality.

Make Them Feel Relaxed

We all know that we can't take good pictures when we're stress out or anxious. Your dog feels the same way! In order to get the best photos or videos of your dog, you want to make them feel relaxed and comfortable. This is when you'll get the most natural pictures of them, because they are able to trust you and might even smile for you!

Use Hashtags

To help your pup gain an audience, you'll want to reach out to people who will like them. The easiest way to do this is with hashtags, which can help reach out to specific audiences. For example, many people use breed hashtags so that fans of specific breeds, like corgis or beagles, can find pictures of their favorite pups. Using other types of hashtags like #puppy or #rescuedog will help your get your dog a broader audience.

Make Consistent Posts

To build an audience, you want a page that's packed with adorable content. Be sure to post pictures of your pup regularly so that you don't leave your pup's fans hanging. Once they have fans, they'll be looking for consistent posts, and knowing they have a picture to look forward to every day or a few times a week will keep them coming back for more. 

Once your dog starts getting internet-famous, don't forget to tag us or use #FreshPatch in your post so that we can bask in their glory along with everyone else!

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Jenna Gomes