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Top Dog Halloween Costumes Through the Years

Top Dog Halloween Costumes Through the Years

It's here, finally - Halloween! So as we wind down on this spooky day, check out some of the top Halloween costumes for pups from over the years. 


In 2005, pups were spooky! The top dog costume in '05 was a tie between Yoda and Dracula. Other popular costumes that year included Wonder Woman, Superman, and Men In Black.


While their humans were dressing up as Snooki, Lady Gaga, and Buzz Lightyear, dogs were sporting one of three popular costumes: a devil, a witch, or, the ever-popular pumpkin. 


Folks switched it up a bit in 2013, leaning hard into the royal family weddings and minion popularity. The top costumes for dogs this year were princess, minions, and dinosaurs.


Spoiler alert - like in 2010, pumpkin was once more the top costume! Aside from that, many dogs dressed up a hot dog, a Batman character (typically Batman himself), or a devil.


Dogs were getting fierce in 2017! The most popular costume for dogs was a lion this year, though pirates came in at a close second. After that, many pups dressed up as bumblebees and devils.

2018 - 2021

And this year? Same as the last few years, and looks like pumpkin won again! I mean, who can resist an adorable PUPkin? Other popular doggy costumes included a hot dog, super hero (including Superman and Spiderman), and a bumble bee. 

I mean really, they're all cute. Share a pic of your pup in their Halloween costume!

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