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Five Reasons Your Apartment Should Have a Fresh Patch

There are tons of benefits to apartments - no lawn maintenance, smaller space to clean, and when you're in a skyscraper, amazing views! But having a dog in an apartment can prove to be difficult. However, it can much easier when you have a Fresh Patch by your side! Here are the top five reasons why Fresh Patch works great for apartment dwellers. 

1. Great for Late-Night Potty Breaks

Don't feel like dragging your pup all the way outside when they have to potty at night? That's understandable, especially if going outside means multiple flights of stairs or an elevator ride. If your pup has to go in the middle of the night, they can use Fresh Patch instead. It's much easier for both of you!

2. Real Grass, Real Odor Elimination

Fake or synthetic grass might sound like a good idea, but these types of potties hold onto smell (both #1 and #2) and can easily stink up a small space. However, real grass (like we use in our Fresh Patch) helps to absorb odors in the same way that it does outside. While no type of grass potty will be completely odorless, fresh grass always smells better than the fake alternative!

3. Convenient For Working Parents

Are you a busy dog-mom or dog-dad? Whether you're currently working from your apartment or you're venturing out into the world to work, a Fresh Patch can come in handy. If you're having a long virtual meeting that can't be interrupted to take your pup all the way downstairs and outside, a Fresh Patch is a great alternative. They won't stress themselves out by holding it, and you won't have to interrupt your meeting! Alternatively, if you have a long work day with no breaks in between, then your dog can use the Fresh Patch instead of having to hold it or instead of having an accident.

4. Various Sizes for Small Spaces

Fresh Patch comes in various sizes that won't just suit your dog - but also your apartment! Plus, various accessories jazz it up so that your Fresh Patch doesn't mess with the aesthetic of your apartment. A pine or oak frame works as an accent piece around your Fresh Patch and as a protector from your carpet or floor. Just this simple protector can blend it with a balcony or with any wood trim!

5. Quarantine-Friendly

Fresh Patch can make your life a whole lot easier during the pandemic. If you're trying to minimize contact with others and maintain social distancing, apartment hallways, stairwells, and elevators can be a challenge to navigate. But if you have a Fresh Patch that your pup is comfortable using, then you can limit the number of trips outside your apartment. Just make sure that if you're staying mostly inside with your pup, that you're still providing them with plenty of exercise!


Head on over to our shop if you've realized that your apartment needs a Fresh Patch! And please, tell your dog what a good girl/boy they are for us.

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Jenna Gomes