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Understanding Your Pup's Potty Habits

While potty time for your pup is much easier with Fresh Patch, your dog might still suffer from some potty habits that make you scratch your head. Here is some insight into some of the common doggy potty habits and what they mean. 

Smelling Everywhere

You thought this would be a quick in-and-out potty break. But nope. Instead, your dog is sniffing seemingly every inch of grass in front of them. While this can be annoying, your dog does have a reason. They're sniffing everywhere in an attempt to search for possible danger. Since going potty is a vulnerable activity, your dog needs to make sure they're safe before they go. To avoid a very long sniffing-sesh, take your dog to the same place to go potty every time. This way, they'll recognize most of the smells and will spend less time investigating.

Stomping Down Grass

Does your dog seem to dig, stomp, or flatten grass before going potty? If so, it's likely because they're making the spot "cleaner" for themselves. They especially might do this in longer grass or in areas with lots of sticks and weeds in order to be more comfortable. That's why Fresh Patch is a great option - the grass is always free, short, and debris-free!

Peeing Everywhere

While it's pretty common knowledge that dogs "mark their territory," you might be wondering why your dog is doing it so often. Depending on where you're walking or what route you're taking, your dog will mark their spot more often in place that are "unclaimed," or haven't already been marked by another dog. On the opposite end of things, your dog also might try to reclaim spots they've gone before that another dog has tried to "take" from them - basically, your dog wants to be king or queen of the block. 


If your dog spins in circles before going poop, it's similar to the reason why they sniff everywhere - to make sure it's safe. Spinning around helps them scan the environment around them. There is a also a theory that dogs like to go potty along the north-south magnetic fields and that spinning might somehow help them find this line. 

Staring or Hiding

If a dog looks right at you when they're going potty, it's not because they want you to turn away - it's the opposite! Your pup stares at you to let you know that they trust you to keep an eye on them and protect them while they're vulnerable. On the other side of things, dogs also might hide when they go potty, which is another way for them to feel safer when they go. 

No matter what your dog's potty habits are, adding a Fresh Patch to the house can help them feel safer when going potty.


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Jenna Gomes