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Unique Dog Names

As always, the same ten dog names are on the list year for most popular for both boys and girls. Here are the most popular dog names for pups so far this year:


1. Max

2. Charlie

3. Cooper

4. Buddy

5. Jack


1. Bella

2. Lucy

3. Daisy

4. Luna

5. Lola

These are just the top five, but they're repeats from previous years. If you added a new furry member of the family and want to go a more unique route, we're here with some suggestions! Here are some more unique dog names (or at least dog-name categories) that you can consider:

Favorite Authors

Why not name your pooch after one of your favorite authors? This is especially perfect for book nerds or anybody who enjoys literature. Here are just a few suggestions to get the wheels turning:

- King (if you and your dog love Halloween...after Stephen King)

- Virginia (if your pup is a sophisticated and bold feminist...after Virginia Woolf)

- Rowling (if you can't get through a day without saying "it's leviOsa, not leviosA"...after J.K. Rowling)

- Sparks (if you and your dog love watching love stories...after Nicholas Sparks)

Favorite Foods

You love food, your dog loves food... why not name your dog after food? Here are some cute suggestions:

- Potato (or any form of potato - Tater Tot, Waffle (as in, fry), Hashbrown)

- Noodle (perfect if your dog loves wiggling their tail like a noodle)

- Toasty (whether you're referring to the food, toast, or you're referring to how you like the temperature of your food [a little toasty])

- Chocolate Chip (so this might be a mouthful, and you might want cookies every time you say it... so you can just shorten it to "Chip")

Favorite Movie/TV Show Characters

Admit it, we all idolize some character on television or from the movies. Pay homage to your favorite characters by naming your pup after them! Here are some to get you started:

- Gump (you can also name your pup Forrest if you really want to shout, "Run, Forrest, run!")

- Buffy (as in, the Vampire Slayer. Your pup will be the toughest she-dog in town... even if there aren't vampires around)

- Chewbacca (does this one need any explanation?

- Phoebe (if any of the Friends characters had to be compared to dogs... Phoebe would probably be the most similar to one)

Favorite Musicians/Bands

And of course, we can't forget music appreciation! Blast your favorite song in your car while you sing along with your aptly-named dog. Here are some suggestions:

- Joel (much more unique than "Billy" and still a subtle nod to the "Piano Man")

- Janis (is Janis Joplin your girl? If your dog loves to croon like this queen, it's the perfect name for her)

- Bruce (whether or not your dog was "Born in the USA," what better namesake to have than Springsteen?)

- Etta (perfect for the soulful romantic; you and your dog can snuggle and sing "At Last" together)

No matter what you name your dog, whether it's "Max" or "Potato," they're sure to love it as long as you love them! 

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