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Veterans Day Dogs

In honor of Veteran's Day recently allowing us to honor our American human heroes, we're here to remind you that there are American canine heroes too. Here are some dutiful canine veterans that we can be thankful for this week and this month. 


This brave, brave doggo was part of the American Marines. Overseas in 2012, she stepped into the line of danger in order to protect her human comrades from a roadside bomb. Unfortunately, she lost her leg, but she's back home, all healed, and a happy-as-ever doggy veteran.


While deployed in Fallujah, Cpl. Dustin Lee was struck by a mortar. His canine comrade, Lex, was wounded, too, but even after he was struck by shrapnel, he crawled over to Cpl. Lee and lied on top of him to protect him until medics could help them both. Now, Lex is retired and happily living with Cpl. Lee's family!


This mutt served as part of the Coast Guard from 1938 until 1949. Sinbad served alongside other coast guard members dutifully and was even onboard the cutter ship Campbell when it was attacked by a Nazi submarine. Thankfully, he was alright, and went on to retire and live a happy life. Upon his passing, he was buried benefit the Barnegat Light Station's flagstaff.


Valdo worked alongside Petty Office 3rd Class Ryan Lee as a bomb sniffer. He spent a long time training in order to be able to help protect his comrades and his handler from dangerous explosives. Valdo did a great job, and shielded four soldiers from a rocket propelled grenade that would have otherwise killed them. While he was hit by shrapnel, Valdo is all better now!

If you want to celebrate a day that's all about canine veterans, you can look forward to March 13th, which is K9 Veterans Day!


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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes