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Ways to Calm Your Pup During Fourth of July

It's the end of June and you know what that means - the Fourth of July is just around the corner! While this can be a fun time of year, it can also cause anxiety in many animals, especially your furry pup best friends when those fireworks go off. Here are some tips to help keep your dog calm during Fourth of July celebrations.

Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket not only feels nice for humans, but for our furry counterparts, too. If they get comfy in a blanket before the fireworks start going off, they might already be calmer and better able to soothe themselves when the loud noises begin. 

Thunder Shirt

Similarly to a blanket, this product hugs a dog tightly with both weight and pressure. This can warrant a soothing affect; not only when the mailman stops by the house, but when loud noises like fireworks happen, too. Putting it on them before the fireworks begin or right after they start can have a calming affect.


No, not just any treats - but treats specifically made to calm dogs. Believe it or not, there are soothing treats out there that have natural elements in them to help calm dogs down. Some actually have hemp oils or CBD, but if you want to go the even-more natural route, there are treats that have plant-based ingredients that can help soothe your dog. 

Stop Sound In Its Tracks

If your dog really hates the sound - no matter what - there are ways to keep them from even hearing the sound! Mutt Muffs earmuffs are made specifically for dogs in order to protect their sensitive hearing from loud noises. While they might not be comfortable, your dog might still prefer large muffs over their ears rather than loud noises.

Calming Collar

Another wearable item, this flexible collar has essential oils that help soothe your dog in those anxious times. It can keep them from feeling anxious once they hear the sounds, although you still might need to talk to them a bit to get them through it. 

Play Other Sounds

Another way to distract them from the loud noises outside (and a great method to pair with other methods on here) is to play other sounds or music in the background. Turning on the television (maybe to Homeward Bound?) or using white noise or calming music might help distract your dog and lesson the loudness of the fireworks themselves. Just be sure not to crank the music or television up any louder than you normally do.

Most importantly, just be there for your dog! Spending time with them and talking to them in a soothing voice can help wonders. 

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