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Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day... Every Day!

Today, April 11th, was National Pet Day, but that doesn't mean the party is over. If you didn't have a chance to celebrate National Pet Day today, just use it as an excuse to celebrate your pup every day! Here are some ways you can celebrate your dog on National Pet Day, tomorrow, or next week!

Photo Shoot

You probably have already shared pictures of your pup or other pets today, but you can also have a totally-separate photo shoot! Get out your phone or camera and take your pup to the park to take pictures, or pose with them in your backyard. If you decide to get professional photos done, you can keep these forever and even frame them.

Play Catch

Playing catch is such a simple thing you can do with your pup. While you might let them run around in the backyard every day, interacting with them and playing with them can go a long way (whether it's catch, frisbee, or tug-o-war). Your pup appreciates all the time you can devote to them, and will be much more excited to play catch with you instead of playing on their own. 


If you want to celebrate pets besides your own, consider volunteering your time somewhere. Oftentimes, shelters look for volunteers to do cleaning, dog-walking, or adoption counseling. You can volunteer your time here or other local animal welfare organizations.

Become a Foster 

A great way to celebrate pets? Bring another pet to the family (temporarily)! Becoming a foster parent for a dog or cat can help a pet adjust to a home environment with other dogs, cats, and humans, which makes the transition into the fur-ever home even easier! Plus, it's guaranteed to help warm your heart and spirit to help a dog or cat in need.

Educate Yourself

A great way to celebrate your pup is to simply educate yourself on animal issues! Read about current issues or about issues that might specifically affect your dog or their breed. Once you have expertise on an issue, you can even begin helping your friends or family by educating them on the issue. 

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and celebrate National Pet Day, whether it's today or tomorrow! 

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Jenna Gomes