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Welcoming the Spring Season with Your Dog

While it might seem like spring is still a long time away, the weather is finally turning around for the chillier parts of the country. Even if you're dealing with a couple more weeks of winter-weather, you should start getting excited about the spring! Here are some spring goals you can set with your pup. 

Renew Your Pup's License

To have plenty of fun in the new season, you'll want to have peace of mind. Be sure that your register your pup for the new year so that they are an official dog in your county and will have the tags to prove it. This makes it easier to be reunited in case your pup ever gets away. 

Make Friends

Make it your goal for the spring season to make new friends with your pup - both human and canine! Having a doggy playdate can encourage you to take your pup out to play and makes sure that they stay socialized with other dogs even if they're an only-dog-child at home. 

Explore New Dog Parks

You probably have a favorite dog park in the area that you frequent. But for the upcoming spring season, have even more fun with your pup by exploring new dog parks.You might find a new favorite park or make new friends. 

Try Out New Toys

When the weather is nice, it's the perfect time to try out some new toys. Make it a goal to set aside a certain amount of time every couple days to play fetch with your pup, trying out a new toy every few weeks. They'll be excited about their new toy and even more excited to spend time with you! 

Pet-Friendly Date Nights

If you're enjoying the spring night air with your significant other, consider picking a date place that's dog friendly. Many restaurants (depending on the state or city's laws) allow pups to hang out on the patio while you eat and drink. Whether you're going out with a partner or just on your own, your dog will always appreciate tagging along. 

Invest in Flea & Tick Protection

Warmer weather means that more fleas and ticks will be out and ready to leap onto your pup. Be sure to invest in top quality flea and tick protection, not just whatever is cheapest on the grocery store shelf. Ask your vet for advice on what kind of bug protection is best for your pup. 

Vet Visits

Make sure not to put off any vet visits. With warmer weather, you'll be outside with your pup even more and with all the new friends they're making, you'll want them to be plenty healthy. 

Now all we have to do is wait for the sun to come out and the trees to bloom!

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Jenna Gomes