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What Certain Dog Behaviors Mean

It can be hard to figure out what your dog is feeling sometimes. They express things very differently than we do. Here are explanations of some common doggy behaviors that you've been wanting to decode.


Digging is one of those more annoying doggy behaviors - but there is a reason for it. There are a few reasons why a dog might dig. If they're laying down in a hole they dug, this is likely because they're warm and trying to cool down. They also might be hiding something, or simply trying to get comfy if they're digging at a carpet or blanket inside the house.


While yawning might simply mean your dog is tired, just as it does in humans, it also might imply that your pup might be feeling anxious. Keep an eye out if your dog is yawning around new people or new dogs, as this might mean that they're feeling anxious about the introduction. Slow down the introduction and let your dog have some alone time if they start repeatedly yawning in that situation. 

Squinting or Blinking

If your pup is squinting their eyes at you, this is an act of love! If your pup is squinting or blinking at you, that means that they want some attention from you. Make sure to give them plenty of love and pets if they narrow their eyes at you!

Bringing You Gifts

While this habit might be annoying or even gross, it means that your pup is showing their affection for you. Whether they're bringing you a toy, an old sock, trash, or a dead animal, they bring it to you to try to make you happy. 

Leaning Against You

Our dogs love attention - we know this. A way in which they express their need for attention from us is by leaning against us. A consistent lean against you might mean that your dog is especially needy or feels neglected. Be sure to give them plenty of attention when they do this.

Head Tilt

When your pup does this totally-adorable move, it typically means that they are trying to hear better. Just like us, dogs can hear better when they point their ears towards the sound. By tilting their head, they're opening up their ear and listening for a particular sound. You might see them do this if they hear a noise outside, or if you whisper the coveted "W-A-L-K" word.


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Jenna Gomes