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Whopper for Dogs?

We sometimes wish we could dine out with our pups, and now you can (or rather, dine in!). While fast food isn't necessarily top cuisine, it's sometimes the perfect guilty pleasure indulgence at the end of a long day. And now, your dog can enjoy it with you!

For a limited time, Burger King is partnering with the food service app Door Dash to bring you and your dog your favorite meal. If you enjoy Burger King's Whopper, then you'll probably like their Dogpper, a burger made specifically for pups! 

While it's not really a burger, it looks just like one! The Dogppr is a yummy biscuit that has the same flame-grilled taste as Burger King's infamous Whopper. 

While the treat is not available for pickup or drive-thru, you can get it free with your burger through the Door Dash app. And don't worry - Burger King ran it past experts to make sure it's yummy and safe for dogs. 

Burger King isn't the only dog-friendly restaurants. Other chains with doggy-specific recipes include:

  • Starbucks - This coffee chain can get you caffeinated and can give your pup a "Puppachino," low in calories and high in yummy taste.
  • Shake Shack - Shake Shack is a fast-food favorite for many - and it can be for your dog, too. This restaurant offers a Bag 'O Bones and a Pooch-ini, offering something both salty and sweet for your pup. 
  • Johnny Rockets - Johnny Rockets is a fun, family-friendly restaurant with dog-friendly menu items. Some locations even have something called the "Good Dog Special" a huge meal of hot dogs, an unseasoned beef patty, and a fried egg. 
  • Dairy Queen - While Dairy Queen has closed some locations for the season in colder climates, other locations are open and ready to serve pup-friendly treats. The classic Dairy Queen dog treat is a cup of vanilla soft serve with a little dog bone on top. 

Now go enjoy dinner - with your pup!

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes