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Why isn't my dog potty trained yet?

Dogs, just like people, learn to potty train in their early years, but there isn’t a set time that they all learn it by. Some pick it up quickly, whereas others take a bit longer. Generally, it takes about 3-6 months for your dog to pick this up. If you’re thinking ‘why isn't my dog potty trained yet?’ Then don’t worry! It can take longer - dogs all learn at different speeds to each other.

Fresh Patch’s incredible hydroponically grown, dirt-free grass product can be used anywhere in the house, or on balconies for apartments, and is the perfect aid for potty training your pup. They have the convenience of being able to do their business as soon as they need to, rather than waiting to be let outside, which will massively reduce the risk of accidents.

It can be especially difficult to train your puppy if you live in an apartment. This is because they have not yet mastered control, and therefore won’t be able to hold it until you can get them outside. The beauty of Fresh Patch is that you can pop it in the house or on the balcony and they have the use of this straight away, making your dog believe that they are out in the grass.

Larger dogs generally learn to use their potty quicker than smaller dogs. This is due to them having bigger bladders so they can hold in their business until they reach their grass, whereas smaller dogs find it harder to control their bodily functions. If your Fresh Patch is kept in the same place, your dog will soon become accustomed to using it and will recognize this as their ‘spot’ to do their poop.

The key to potty training is to be patient and consistent. One of the biggest potty training fails is if you don’t take your dog out at the same time each day, or pick up on their cues that they need to go quickly enough. You need to ensure your dog is given the chance to go after they have had a meal or drunk a large amount of water, after excessive playtime or after sleep. The big advantage of Fresh Patch is that it is right there to use straight away, without having to head outside. Give your dog the encouragement he needs to head to his Fresh Patch each time he needs to go, and don’t be upset with him if he does have an accident - just like with babies it is completely natural in the potty training process. When he does go on his grass, then give him lots of encouragement and praise, and reward his training regularly with treats and praise.

When your dog does have an accident (which is very likely in the early days!) then it is imperative you clear this up straight away. If left, then the lingering odor from this will make the pup think that this is the place to do his business, and will head there the next time. The great thing about Fresh Patch is that it is absorbent and controls odors, with no cleaning required, taking away the potty training stress.

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