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Working From Home with your Dog? Here Are Some Tips

While working from home might be a positive part of the pandemic, but it certainly can present its own challenges. If you're struggling with working at home when your pup is always glued to your side, we have some tips for you!

Consider Having a Dog-Free Space

This one can be hard, but it might be for the best! If you can set aside an area of your house that is dog-free, this might be best for situations where you have live video chats for work. Of course, you don't want to stress your pup out too much! If your pup has minor or major anxiety, this separation from you might not work well, especially if they can hear your voice but not see you. However, if you pup is okay with a door between you, a separate space might be the best answer at times.

Set Aside Play Time

Do you have trouble with your dog interrupting work meetings? Be sure to set aside play time just for them! This play time can happen when you have breaks, like a lunch break, or in the morning before you start work. Setting aside these moments for play time can help your dog feel special, can help release their energy, and lets them know that play time only happens during designated hours. 

Be Strict in Commands

While it's easy to give into your dog's whining and begging, you want to be strict during the work day. Practice your pup's commands outside of work hours, and make sure that they understand them so that they know to listen to you while you're working. Things like "sit," "stay," and "no" can be your best friends when you're trying to focus. Encouraging your pup to stay while you get a task done can be useful - after all, how are you supposed to pay attention when your pup is resting their adorable little nose on your lap?

Give Them Plenty of Toys

Who doesn't like a good excuse to spoil your pup? If you give your dog plenty of toys and other things to keep them distracted, they're less likely to ask you for attention. The trick is to keep the squeaky toys and the silent toys separate. That way, if you have a video conference or something else that needs your full attention, you can make sure they won't interrupt you with squeaking. During the day, keep the loud/noisy toys locked away and all of their fun, silent toys out. 

Tire Them Out!

If you have time for a long walk in the morning, take your pup! If you like jogging and your pup is used to jogging, this is something else you can do in the mornings before work. That way, they've gotten plenty of exercise before the work day and they're more likely to be chill while you work. 

Give Them Plenty of Love

And of course, when you're not working, give your pup plenty of love! They appreciate when you show them how much you love them, and at the end of a long work day, who doesn't want a hug from their pup?


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Jenna Gomes