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World Pet Memorial Day & Just One Day

Today, June 11th, celebrates not just one, but two pet holidays. And both of these holidays are important and tug at the heart strings.
One of the holidays you can celebrate today is World Pet Memorial Day. It happens every year on the second Sunday in June to honor all the pets that we've lost. Our pets hold a special place in our heart, and they continue to hold that place even after they pass on. Some ways to honor your late pets on World Pet Memorial Day is to visit their grave (if they have one), share some photos of them on social media, or even paint a picture of them! You can help your friends remember their pets, too. Another way you can help is to thank the shelter you adopted them from by donating food, blankets, or toys.
Speaking of shelters, June 11th is also "Just One Day". What does this simple phrase mean? It means that for just one day, all shelters across the U.S. make a commitment to euthanize no animals that day. This country-wide commitment ensures that thousands of animals are saved in just one day. It also spreads awareness about just how many cats and dogs are euthanized in shelters across the U.S. While some shelters are no-kill, many shelters still practice euthanasia because of overcrowding. How can you help? By adopting or fostering animals, you're getting them out of the shelters and in turn, saving their lives!
How will you celebrate these meaningful pet holidays today?
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Jenna Gomes