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Yes, You Can Adopt a Service Dog That "Failed"

Normally, when we fail tests, it's not a good thing. But for all of those dog-lovers out there, it can be a great thing! That's because if you're looking for a new furry best friend to bring home, you can find one that "failed" their service dog test.

While this sounds like a "bad" thing, it's really not! Before a dog can become an official service dog, they must first make it through rigorous training, not unlike the training that humans have to go through for different branches of the military. 

It's not rare for a dog to not make it through training to become either part of a police's K-9 Unit or part of a TSA security team. Many of the dogs who don't make it aren't necessarily because they don't listen; it can be for many reasons. Many dogs can't get through their training because they get too distracted (which we can relate to, right?), because they're too timid, or because they're too sociable. 

Some dogs are up for adoption simply because they've outgrown the program, have served their duty, and are ready to relax on your couch (or not on your couch, if you're like that). 

Of course, these pups are still dogs who have to adjust to living at a new home, so they'll still need to be trained. But chances are, if they "failed" their training, it's probably because they have waaaaay too much love to give than a service dog could. I mean, seriously, can you imagine being a dog who loves to be pet and not being able to be pet? 

Here are some dog adoption agencies who help those special "failed" service dogs find new homes:

  • Freedom Services Dogs of America - This program trains dogs for a wide variety of skills, but again, some don't make it through. Hopefully they can help you by loving you!
  • Service Dogs Inc. - The dogs for this agency are trained to work with those who need a little extra help. But for the dogs who don't make it through, they can give you a little extra love.
  • Mission K9 Rescue - Not every dog is fit for military service - but some may be a perfect fit for your home!
  • Paws with a Cause - This organization refers to their dogs up for adoption as "Career Change" dogs. 
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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes