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Your Questions About Dogs and Grass Answered

If you have a dog - you know that grass is an essential part of their life. They roll around in it, they dig in it, they go potty in it, and sometimes, they eat it. So here are some of your questions about that tricky relationship between your dog and grass - answered. 

Why does my dog kick up the grass?

Your pup has lots of weird habits, and one of them is probably kicking up the grass after they go potty. It might look funny to you, but your dog actually has a pretty serious for doing it! Wolves and coyotes will do this in the wild in order to better mark their territory. Kicking up the grass or dirt helps to spread their pheromones, therefore making their "territory" bigger. While your dog doesn't need to mark their territory in this way anymore, they've inherited the instinct to do so from their ancestors. 

Why does my dog eat grass?

And of course, one of the biggest questions of all - why does your dog eat grass? This action is relatively common among pups of all breeds and sizes, and one of the things it boils down to? The delicious taste of grass! While we might not view it as yummy, your dog certainly does. While your pup does enjoy their chicken-flavored kibble, they also enjoy plants, since domesticated pups are omnivores. Another reason pups might eat grass is in an attempt to settle their stomach if it's upset. While this might not make sense to us, your dog views the stringy, raw material as a digestive aid. 

Why does my dog roll around in grass?

You might have noticed your pup roll around in the grass at the park or in your backyard... but why do they do it? Well, pups choose to roll around for a number of reasons, like to get at an itch on their back, or to try to dry off after a bath. If your dog smells something interesting in the grass, like animal droppings, they (ew, I know) might roll in that, too, as a way to stake their claim over it against other predators. 

Should I have fresh grass in my house?

Of course! There's a reason a dog has such a close relationship with grass - they need it to feel comfortable, especially when going potty. Adding a Fresh Patch to your house can make your dog feel comfortable when you're gone and can give them a safe and comfortable spot to go potty when the weather is bad outside. Fresh Patch specifically helps make your pup more comfortable because of its real grass. Plus, with real grass inside the house, your dog won't be inclined to have those less appealing kicking, rolling, and eating habits since it's free of outside environmental factors. Ask your dog - fake grass potties just aren't the same!


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Jenna Gomes