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Dog Potty

Potty-training is a notoriously stressful process for both pets and pet-owners alike. It can be messy, time-consuming, and a potential health hazard if not handled correctly. Fresh Patch eliminates the stress of potty-training with a revolutionary product that combines the pet’s natural urge to go outside with the ease of disposable pee pads.

This innovative dog potty is perfect for homeowners with limited outdoor space or pets with an unpredictable timetable. With Fresh Patch, you can give your pet the freedom to go on all-natural, hydroponically-grown grass, at any hour of the day, in the comfort of their own home.

Why Choose Eco Friendly & Odorless Grass

There is a lot to consider when deciding how best to potty-train your pet, including convenience, cost-effectiveness, and overall environmental impact. The Fresh Patch dog potty combines all three into an easy-to-use, all-natural process that won’t harm the environment or your budget.

Our exclusive design combines all-natural materials with naturally-grown grass for a sustainable product that can be easily and responsibly disposed of. The Fresh Patch potty-training system also includes the natural odor-absorbing abilities of grass so you can avoid introducing potentially hazardous chemicals into your home and create an all-around pleasant process for anyone looking to potty-train their pet.