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Expert Training Advice for New Puppy Pawrents

Along with a safe home, reliable care and heaps of love, your puppy requires a dedicated space to do their business, and the tips above are fundamental to supporting their training journey. Take these efforts to the next level with the following must-do’s to ensure this puppy training stage isn’t a “ruff” one.

Observe those gotta-go cues. In between scheduled potty breaks, watch for signs that your pup may need to go. Common cues include coming to a sudden halt, circling, sniffing in a dedicated manner or dropping their bottom. If you notice them about to go, distract and redirect them to their potty spot as quickly as possible.

Reward, reward, reward! When your pup successfully uses their potty spot, it’s time for a rewarding round of ap-paws! Be ready to immediately offer verbal praise and a treat to reinforce the behavior.

Beware potty training don’ts. You’re taking in some essential potty training do's, but there are also several don'ts to keep in mind. When welcoming a new puppy to your home, here are some things you should avoid.

Opt for real grass training pads. Outdoor training doesn’t automatically mean better training. No yard? No problem. It’s not a red mark on your pawrenting, and it doesn’t mean you’re in for a stinky, messy home. Simply opt for real grass training pads, a wonderful alternative (or addition) to outdoor potty training. Unlike traditional potty pads that smell and soak through, hydroponically grown grass patches expertly absorb liquids and smells. 

How to Potty Train with Fresh Patch

The truth is your pup’s natural instincts prefer a pad that feels more like the real thing, not a paper one. Fresh Patches are all-natural, hydroponically grown, dirt-free grass pads that turn puppy potty training into an easy, stress-free experience. They’re even disposable for effortless clean-up.

For a paws-itively awesome experience using Fresh Patch for your pup’s potty training efforts, be sure to address these steps. 

Use a leash. To associate the living grass of Fresh Patch with the outdoors, walk your pup over to the Fresh Patch on a leash. When they go, reward them with a brief walk outside. Use the same verbal cues and treats as used outside. If that doesn’t work, walk your dog over to their Fresh Patch whenever you bring them inside from a walk. And continue walking them at least once a day so they know the Fresh Patch is not a substitute for a fun walk with you.

Apply attractant scents. If your pup is having trouble, transfer their urine onto Fresh Patch using a paper towel, or try placing a piece of soiled pee pad under the grass pad.  One additionally helpful option is to apply the GO HERE Dog Potty Spray, a proprietary scent for ensuring your companion will use their Fresh Patch correctly.

Leverage training treats. As mentioned above, it’s essential to reward your pup for going in the right spot. Consider these incentivizing Chicken & Vegetable Training Treats, which are free of wheat, corn and soy—a reward your puppy is sure to love. 

Establish a potty spot. Make sure you’re taking the best steps to make this grass work for you and your companion, including understanding the where and how of setting up your Fresh Patch potty spot in a way that’s both practical and inviting. Check out these paw-some tips for getting it just right

Replace every two to four weeks. Most Fresh Patches can last two to four weeks, depending on how much your pup uses it. With a Fresh Patch subscription plan, you can sign up to automatically receive a new Fresh Patch based on a cadence that works best for you and your pup. 

Ready to start your puppy off on the right paw? Transform your potty training experience with easy, disposable fresh grass puppy pads conveniently delivered to your door!