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Real Living Grass

Trains Pets Naturally

Easy and Convenient

What Size is Your Pet?

We offer Fresh Patch Grass in 4 convenient sizes: Mini, Standard, Large, and XL

group of small animals including 2 bunnies, a hamster, a guinea pig and a mouse

Less than 5 lbs

The Fresh Patch Mini is perfect for teacup dogs and other small pets.  It comes in a 16"x12" inch box that can easily fit into any animal enclosure.  Simply remove the lid and place the bottom tray with the grass wherever you want your pet to use it.  

Fresh Patch MINI

group of animals less then 15lbs. (cats, puppies, rabbits)

Between (5-15) lbs

The Fresh Patch Standard is our flagship product.  It is a 16"x 24" box of grass that weighs 9 pounds and is easy to handle.  We recommend the Fresh Patch Standard for medium size dogs and cats.  It is also great for bunny rabbits, turtles and other small pets.  

Fresh Patch STANDARD

4 medium sized dog, between 15-30 lbs

Between (15 - 30) lbs.

The Fresh Patch Large is ideal for medium to large size dogs weighing between 15 and 30 pounds.  It measures 24" x 24" and ships flat in a fully functional box (like the Fresh Patch Mini and Fresh Patch Standard).

Fresh Patch LARGE

4 large dogs, all over 30 lbs.

More than 30 lbs

The Fresh Patch XL is designed for the big dogs or families that live in a multi-dog household.  Unlike our other grass products, the Fresh Patch XL ships rolled up inside a plastic bag.  It measures 2x4 feet.

Fresh Patch XL