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6 Ways to Have Fun w/ Fido at Home During Social Distancing

To help everyone do their part and stay home, we compiled a list of our favorite pup-friendly, indoor activities.  Get inspired, stay active and find creative ways to make this time with your doggo special.

Little white dog licking lips with owners in the background

1. BOND OVER FOOD:  Tap into your stash of human goodies and make your pal a special snack.  Here are some of our favorite lip smacking homemade dog treats that only use a few common pantry items.

<>  Peanut Butter Banana Biscuits

<>  Oatmeal Pumpkin Cookie

    <>  Easy Two-Ingredient Treat



    2. PLAY THROUGH LEARNING:  Pups love learning.  And teaching them a new trick is a great way to burn off some mental energy while stuck indoors.  You can start with How to Train Your Dog to Shake Hands For Dummies and then move onto our favorite dog trainer, Zac George.  He offers a wide range of informative, easy to follow training videos like this one!



    3. HAVE A VIRTUAL PLAYDATE w/ YOUR NON-PET OWNING FRIENDS:  Share the joy of your furry-pal w/ friends and family not so lucky to have a companion with them during this time.  Or brighten everyone’s day by having your pet join your next virtual work-meeting.  Your dog will love the attention, and your co-workers can finally meet the dog they've all heard so much about.



    4.  MAKE A MEMORY:  Take on a social media craze and create a video you’ll cherish forever ….like bamboozling your dog as you disappear under a blanket.



    5. DO THEIR NAILS UP, FLUFF THAT HAIR:  Been talking about giving your pup their spring cleaning but haven’t gotten around to it yet? Yeah, us too!  Now there’s no excuse.

    Large white dog infront of bright blue background, with owners hand petting dogs chest.


    6.  HOLD YOUR QUARANTINE CREW CLOSE:  Thank goodness for those of us who get to cozy up with our furry-family members during this uncertain time.  Be sure to hold your quarantine crew close, and stay connected with your broader community virtually.  If we all do our part and stay home, we can help beat this. #TogetherApart

    couple with large lab dog, man kissing dogs head and girl is smiling




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