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Best Dog Books for Adults

A while back, we had a blog post about the best dog books for children. But while reading through those adorable books, did you find yourself missing something? Here are some of the best dog books that are great reads for adults.

  1.  The Art of Racing in the RainThis book isn't just about a dog, it's narrated by one! The book is told from the point of view of a lab/terrier mix, Enzo. He wishes that he could be a human so he could communicate better with his best friend, a racecar driver named Denny. 
  2. Where the Red Fern GrowsWhile this story is geared towards a younger audience, it's a quick and emotional read for any age. The story that tells the friendship between a boy and his hunting dogs... just be sure to have a box of tissues handy. 
  3. Marley and MeThis autobiography will really have you going "Wait, is this about my dog?" The author, John Grogan, writes about his dog, Marley, who is a lot of trouble but worth all of it.
  4. Following AtticusInto nature novels? Perfect. This book is a true story that author Tom Ryan pens about his challenges to scale all 48, 4000-foot mountain in New Hampshire's White Mountains not once, but twice, all in one winter. Of course, he can't do it without his furry canine friend, Atticus, by his side.
  5. Chet and Bernie MysteriesThis book follows a crime-solving, dog-man duo. There are eight books total in the series (plus an eShort Story) and they're great reads for mystery-lovers. 
  6. A Dog's PurposeIf you're feeling existential, give this book a read. It's another book that reads from the dog's point of view and asks that question we all wonder sometimes: "Why are we here?"
  7. Death of a Dog WhispererAnother crime novel, this one will keep you on the edge of you seat. It's got the perfect amount of fur and suspense. 
  8. Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Dog Did What? - Chicken Soup for the Soul is great when you need short, inspirational stories. And this Chicken Soup is full of dog stories!

Check all these out today for a great beach, vacation, or nighttime read!

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