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Best Picture Books About Dogs

The kids might be getting out of school but that doesn't mean they need to stop learning. And for your kids who are going to school soon, reading to them will improve their reading skills upon entering school. Here are some great picture books about dogs for ages 3 - 8, whether you're reading it to them or they're reading it themselves! 

 You're a Good Dog, Carl

This is a very simple, low word-count book that is about the adventures that rottweiler Carl and Madeline the baby have when her mom isn't looking. This is part of a series with 10 different titles. 

Oh No, George! 

This book teaches a kid about obedience, but through a dog. Just like the curious monkey, George the dog is curious, too, and often gets in trouble. It's fun and reminds us of how much trouble puppies can be.

The Poky Little Puppy

This is a Little Golden Book classic. It's quaint and very sing-songy, following a puppy's curiosities and adventures.

Officer Buckle and Gloria

This is a Caldecott Medal-winning book about Officer Buckle, who is always boring audiences to sleep with his presentations. That is... until goofy dog Gloria comes along!

Walter the Farting Dog

This is a super silly, super goofy book that is sure to make the kids (and even you) giggle. It's about Walter, who's a great dog! But he has one stinky problem...

Harry the Dirty Dog

This book slyly encourages cleanliness. Harry, an adorable white dog with black spots, refuses to take his baths. But soon, he gets so dirty that when he returns to his house one day, his family doesn't think it's him!

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Clifford might be one of the most famous cartoon dogs, and he's definitely the biggest! It tells the greatest story of Emily Elizabeth's puppy who just kept growing - and growing - and growing! 


Biscuit is an adorable puppy who finds every way possible to get out of his bedtime. He wants one more hug, one more snack, etc. It might remind you of bedtime with the kiddos...

Where's Spot?

This is a great hide n' seek book for the younger kiddos. What do kids like more than interactive books? You can lift all the flaps to help Spot's mom find Spot!


All of these are great books, but there are tons more, too! What's your favorite dog picture book?

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