October 30, 2018

Get Excited for "Dogs"

So, obviously, you're already excited about dogs, however, prepare to get even more excited. Netflix is soon releasing a six-part documentary entitled "Dogs."

This dogumentary (sorry, we had to) about man's best friend is the exact thing you've been looking for on Netflix. It's wholesome, it's educational, and, most of all, it's adorable.

Each episode of the six-part series will feature pups out in the world, all set in different cities to allow us a sneak peek into what our favorite furry friends are doing in countries like the U.S., Japan, Italy, Syria, and Costa Rica.

Fair warning: you'll be shedding tears. There are both heartwarming and heartbreaking stories that will require cuddles from your dog and a box of tissues. The first episode focuses on an eleven-year-old epileptic girl and her dog, Rory, who just happens to be a certified therapy dog. You'll see just how far he goes to keep her safe and, of course, to keep her happy. 

The second episode will rip you up even more - it's about a Syrian man who is attempting to cross the border into Lebanon and literally risks his life in order to bring his dog across. And this won't be the only story that shows just how deeply the bond between person and dog runs. 

Other stories focus on a dog shelter in Costa Rica that keeps dogs off the streets and an Italian fisherman and his dogs, who helps him with his fishing business.

This series will be released on November 16th (perfect timing for a Thanksgiving-weekend-binge). Until then, here's Netflix's official trailer for the series. Maybe don't watch this at work - you'll probably squeal out loud with cuteness:

October 28, 2018

Doggy Halloween Costumes - Take Two!

With Halloween just three days away, we're here with some more adorably-themed costume ideas for your dog. And of course, you can dress up along with them! Here are some ideas to get the Halloween fun started.

Character Costume

How about your pup dresses up as one of your favorite characters? Just because a movie character might be human, doesn't mean your dog can't pull it off! Here are some examples:

  • Princess LeiaIs a your pup a strong, powerful, woman? Then dress them up as the ultimate strong woman herself - Princess Leia! This costume even has fake hands that will make your pup look as if they're standing up.
  • Wonder WomanOkay, so we're not done with the strong-woman costume ideas. Your pup can also dress up as the famous superhero, Wonder Woman. She probably won't be able to fly, though. 
  • Minion No matter how long it's been since the most recent Despicable Me movie, minions will always be relevant. This costume is perfect for pups big or small, and they're truly look like a minion running around after you. 

Paired Costumes

Who says couple's costumes are only for humans? Involve you pet in your own costume with these awesome paired costume ideas:

  • Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf - This is the perfect costume for you and your pup, even though they would never eat you. Put on a red cape and dress you dog in wolf ears. Or, if you want to be funny, you can be the wolf and your dog can be Little Red Riding Hood.
  • Pac-Man and The Ghosts - Your dog loves running after you, and you sometimes have to run after your dog, so why not be Pac-Man and a ghost? Of course, because there are four ghosts (Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Clyde), this can even be a group costume with other dogs or other humans. Or, for a group of three, you can Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and one of the ghosts!
  • K-9 Police Officer and K-9 Dog - This is an adorable costume for kids. Your child can dress in blue with a fake police badge and your dog can wear a K-9 vest. This way your kid gets to take your dog trick-or-treating with them, which makes the whole night even better.

Hopefully this preps you for Halloween. Now get out there, sport your costumes, and take your pictures!

October 24, 2018

Dog-Friendly Fall Activities

The fall season is the ideal time of year all across the country. Whether it's the weather you love, the fall colors, or the smells, of course you want to get out and enjoy it. But if you love your furry best friend, you don't want to leave them behind! Here are some fall activities from all over the country that you can enjoy with your dog.

New England


If you live in the New England area, apple-picking is the perfect dog-friendly activity. Nearly all apple orchards allow your pups as long as they're on a leash. And while your dog might not be able to do the picking themselves, it'll be fun to just have them along for the adventure. 

West Coast

Winery Tour

California is known for its wine, and fall is the perfect time of year for a tasting. It depends on the winery, but many allow you to visit with your dog. Many wineries are even dog-themed, so they'll have amenities for your dog while you get to relax and find a new favorite wine. 

Mountain Area


If you live in Colorado, Utah, or another mountain state, you probably already have a love for camping. Fall is the perfect time to do it before the weather gets too cold. Many parks and national forests are dog-friendly, making it easy to bring your furry best friend along. Of course, make sure that they don't get lost and that you have plenty of campfire snacks for them. 


Ghost Tours

Ghost tours are perfect for the fall season, even after Halloween! Southern cities like Savannah, St. Augustine, and New Orleans are full of history and spirits. Since many of these ghost tours take place outside during the day or night, many tour hosts are fine with you bringing your pup along for the tour. Of course, if they get spooked easily, you might have to cover their ears!

Central North


The big, wide-open states are famous for having large, open land. North and South Dakota, Wyoming and other states have a low population and not too many bright lights. This makes it much easier to see all the starts at night. Find a big, open spot (parks or camping grounds can provide this), bring your pup, and lay out a blanket. You can look up at the stars and name all the constellations with your pup by your side. 


Corn Mazes

The midwest states are known for their corn, but that's not always a negative thing! Indiana and Ohio are home to corn mazes big and small. Many of them allow your dog to come explore the maze with you, as long as they're on a leash. Maybe your dog can even be the one to sniff you out of the maze!

No matter what you choose to get out there and do, you'll always enjoy it more when your pup is along for the ride. 

October 19, 2018

Dog Halloween Costume Ideas for 2018

The year might be coming to an end, but there's still a couple of very important holidays first - like Halloween! If you love Halloween as much as you love your dog, no worries. We're here to help you and your pup have an awesome Halloween with a few doggy costume ideas perfect for 2018. 

Store-Bought Food-Themed Costume

Your dog loves food - so why not become food for Halloween? Here are some cute food-themed costume ideas for your pup:

  • WatermelonThe curve of a watermelon fits your dogs back perfectly! Plus, it's comfy and easy for your dog to wear with a belly strap and a chest strap. 
  • PineapplePineapples have been a big trend this past year, so why not have your dog be a trendy pineapple for Halloween? They can wear a cute hat with the pineapple sprout! 
  • Hog DogI mean, how can you say "no" to this pun (especially if you have a dachshund)? Dogs make the perfect hot dog, and everyone will enjoy their punny costume all night. 

DIY Pop Culture Costume

If you love doing pop culture references as your costumes, you can do them for your dog, too! Here are some ideas of pop culture costumes you can dress your pup up in.

  • Incredibles 2 - Want a family-themed costume? Go for the Incredibles 2, which was widely anticipated this year. You can make your dog baby Jack-Jack, or if you have three dogs, they can dress up as all of the kids in a red shirt that dons the Incredibles logo. 
  • Handmaid's Tale Baby - If you're dressing up as one of the woman from Handmaid's Tale, why not make your dog your (much-coveted) baby? This especially works for small dogs, because you can bundle them up and carry them in your arms everywhere you go. 
  • Royal Wedding - Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding was a big deal both overseas and in the Americas. This is the perfect couple's costume if you have two dogs, as one of them can dress up as Harry in a little suit while the other can sport a cute doggy-wedding dress that matches Meghan Markle's. 

Hopefully these ideas get you started, but there are so many more routes and themes you can go with! In fact, we'll come back next week with even more ideas for you. 

October 10, 2018

Free Dog? Not Quite!

All over the nation, adoption centers hold "free" adoptions events either annually or a couple times a year. The great benefit here is that people flood out and give so many dogs and cats homes since the adoption fee is dropped. However, these events can also cause new owners to forget the true cost of an animal - even if there's no cost up front! Here's some info on just how much a new pup costs in the first year. 

One-Time Expenses

In the first year, you'll encounter these one-time expenses. They won't last, but are important to consider up-front.

Spaying/Neutering - $200

If you're adopting your dog from a free shelter dog event, they'll likely already be fixed. But if you adopt a puppy or adopt a dog from elsewhere for free, they might not be fixed. For a dog, the average cost to spay or neuter them is about $200. However, it's a necessary cost that will keep them happy and healthy!

Collar/Leash/Harness - $20 - $50

To get the collar, leash, and harness that's right for your pup, you might have to spend $50 or more. If they're little, keep in mind that this might actually be more than a one-time cost because you might have a to get a new harness once they grow to their full size.

Vet Visit - $70

When you adopt your dog, you'll need to take them for an initial vet visit. This is standard, even right after adoption, to ensure that your new furry best friend is healthy. This initial visit can range in cost depending on which vet you visit.

Crate - $25 - $100

If you are crate training your new dog, you'll need to invest in a good quality crate. The price of the crate depends, of course, on the size of your dog. 

Training - $110

Even if you're adopting an older dog, they might still need some training. And if you need a puppy, they'll definitely need training! These costs can range, but this is about the typical cost of one training course. 

Annual Expenses 

Here's an estimated breakdown of the money you'll have to spend yearly on different repeating costs.

Food - $120 - $400

Obviously, this is a necessary cost! The cost of your pup's food can vary greatly, depending on its quality, brand, and any special diet requirements. But this is a rough estimate.

Vet Exams - $235

Tests, shots, and just a general health checkup costs around this much per year, depending on who your vet is. And of course, if your dog has any problems, this cost might rise.

Dog License - $15 - $25

You'll need to get your dog officially licensed with whatever county you're in, which is typically an annual payment.


Health Insurance - $225

While you don't need to get your dog health insurance, it's not a bad idea for dogs that are prone to medical problems. 

Toys/Treats - $30 - $60

While you don't have to get your dog toys or yummy treats, you know that they'll love it when you do, and it'll make them much happier.


We won't do the math for you, but as you can see, it costs quite a lot to adopt a dog, even if there's no up-front fee! While dogs are totally worth it with all the love that they give, you want to make sure that you're ready to take good care of them before you commit.

September 30, 2018

October Dog Events in Los Angeles

October is finally just around the corner! For our Los Angeles folks, we're here for some info on doggy events in your area. From "yappy hours" to Halloween parties, October is going to be totally for the dogs in L.A. 

Tito's October Yappie Hour - Aloft Hotel

Tito's Vodka is hosting a dog-friendly happy hour at the Aloft Hotel in El Segundo on October 7th. Bring your dog to hang out with dog or human friends. While your dog might not be able to partake in drinking some Tito's, at least you can! Though this hotel is based out of the airport, the parking is totally free.

Mutt Manners Dog Training - Wallis Annenburg PetSpace

Do your dog need some manners (or maybe just a refresher)? You can sign them up for an Obedience Dog Training Class that meets every Sunday throughout the month of October for one hour each time. A professional dog trainer will help your pup learn new tricks and behaviors as well as how to walk nicely on a leash and, most of all, listen to you!

Race for the Rescues Los Angeles - Rose Bowl Stadium

Are you a runner? This the perfect way to combine your love of running and your love of animals. Race for the Rescues is a 5k or 10k course on October 13th. All (that's right, 100%) of the proceeds go towards local animal welfare organizations. If you're not a runner, you can participate with your pup in the 1k Dog Walk or just enjoy the scene, where there will be booths with entertainment, pet psychics, pet products, entertainment, and even dog adoptions! 

Dogs on Deck Cocktail Cruise - Fisherman's Village

Set sail from Marina del Ray with your dog on October 20th! A local group called Wine and Dine with Doggies is taking their wining, dining, and doggies on a cruise for the first annual Dogs on Deck Cocktail Cruise. Humans and dogs can attend, where you'll get to mingle and sip on cocktails for the two-hour duration of the cruise. Proceeds also help to raise money for And don't worry - there's a potty area for your pups.

You can find even more dog-themed events for the month of October here.



September 30, 2018

Who Gets the Dog?

While you might be used to hearing about custody battles or disputes over children, you probably aren't used to hearing it about pets. However, California is changing that. For many married couples, their dogs are like their children, which can make divorce that much more messy and complicated. But now, one of the legal questions that can be asked is: "Who gets the dog?"

A new law in California can help to answer that question. Last Thursday, a bill was signed by Governor Jerry Brown that would treat dogs more like a custody issue in divorce court instead of like property.

Technically, the law still considers dogs "family property," however, the reasoning for who gets to keep the "property" relies on love and care.

Judges can decide who gets to keep your pup on a very similar basis as a custody-battle. Here are some things that the new bill takes into consideration:

  • Who feeds them
  • Who financially provides for them (food, toys, etc.)
  • Who takes them to the vet
  • Who walks them
  • Who spends the most time with them
  • Who protects them

This bill is a great step forward in treating furry family members just as they are - family members! Previously, the bills solely considered pets property and had no other stipulations or instructions on decision-making like California's new bill does. 

The law will go into effect on January 1st, which means that this is when judges can start using different factors to help decide who gets "custody."

According to the bill, judges can get "creative" in their exactly custody decisions. This means that, just like with children, they can decided on full custody, partial custody, or somewhere in between. 

Thanks, California! It's about time we start to acknowledge that pets are family, too.

September 28, 2018

Best Cars for Dogs

Obviously, your furry best friend is a big part of your life. That means that they might be along for the ride - literally! If you happen to be in the market for a new car, you should probably consider your dog and how much they'll like your new car! Here are some dog-friendly vehicles you should consider for your pooch, big or small.

Volkswagen Atlas

First on our list the Volkswagen Atlas, which is actually new for this year! This car gets a spot on this list because it's large and versatile. There are three rows of seating, but if you would rather fold these down to let your dog lay down, you can. They fold down in a 50/50 split, which means you can also fit human members of the family right next to the canine members of your family. The second and third rows also get air vents, too, which means your dog will stay cool on the hot days and warm on the cold days. 

Kia Soul

While you might remember the Kia Soul being driven by funky hamsters, it's also pretty good for dogs. This car is low to the ground, which lets your dog easily hop up into it. Its cargo area is perfect for medium or small dog crates or for your pup to sit in. The back seat leaves plenty of room for your dog to lay or stick their head out the window. Plus, the Soul's cloth seating material is tightly wound, which helps keep your dog's fur from sticking everywhere. 

Subaru Outback

If you don't already know, Subaru makes sure to market to dog-owners and dog-lovers. Subarus are uniquely durable and spacious. The Outback is perfect for you and your dog because there's plenty of room for both of you. The hatchback trunk also provides easy loading, whether your loading your dog's crate or your dog! Really, all Subarus are perfect if you're an adventure-lover, because they all come standard with all-wheel drive, meaning you can tackle those roads less traveled.

Chrysler Pacifica

If you have a big family of dogs, then you might want a minivan like the Pacifica. It has more storage space than SUVs, and therefore plenty of room for multiple dogs. The benefit of this minivan is that the seats fold completely flat, which means your dog can basically just run around and spread out on the floor - perfect for road trips. Plus, this minivan also comes in hybrid form so that you don't have to stop for gas as much and won't be forced to leave your dog alone in the car. 

Jeep Wrangler

The best thing about a Jeep Wrangler? It's ready to get muddy. Your dog can swim in the lake and still jump into the Wrangler for a ride, because it as a completely washable interior with built-in floor drains and removable carpet. It's perfect for if you like to take on wild adventures with your furry best friend. Plus, with tons of top and window options, you and your dog can stick your head out the window (well, not while you drive...). 

Even if you don't need a new car, let this be a reminder to treat your dog to a car ride once in a while, especially while the weather is still nice!

September 24, 2018

Best Dog TV Shows to Stream Right Now

What are you doing right now? Working? Relaxing? Getting ready to go out? Well, if you can take a break, check out one of these dog TV shows, new or old, that are available to stream! They're perfect for that next binge-watching adventure you want to take on. 

Dog Dynasty

Yep, you read that right. Dog, not Duck, DynastyDog Dynasty streams on Amazon Prime and it follows the adorable, loving pit bull breed. The show aims to defy stereotypes and prove that pit bulls can be loving, unique, and goofy. It specifically follows Hulk, a giant pit bull whose owners hope that he will soon be the world's most famous dog. 

Wallace & Gromit: Cracking Contraptions

Wallace & Gromit are like those little weird friends you can't help but love - and you can stream their series from the early 2000's on Amazon Prime. There's sure to be adventures and adorable Gromit moments that will make you sometimes wish your dog was a goofy cartoon. 

Dogs with Jobs

Watching dogs do jobs is soooo much better than watching humans do jobs. And you can catch this series from 2000 on Amazon Prime! This Canadian show follows dogs in their careers - from police dogs to sheep dogs to bomb-sniffing pups. 


You knew this one was coming! This lovable cartoon canine is the perfect character to binge-watch during the Halloween season, especially if you have kids. Multiple Scooby-Doo series and movies are available to stream on Netflix. You can watch all the TV shows and movies as part of a binge-cycle! 

And of course, make sure that whatever television show you choose to watch (all of them?), you invite your pup to snuggle up with you! 

September 19, 2018

Fall Fashion for Your Pup

When the fall season starts rolling around, it's time to pull out the flannel, boots, and scarves. Even if you're in a warm climate, you can appreciate the season by wearing certain colors and styles. And why shouldn't your pup have fun with fall fashion, too? Here are some fall fashion tips for your furry best friend.


In some climates, fall nights can get veeery chilly. If you want to help your pup get cozier on these days or nights, consider an adorable sweatervest. Nothing says "fall" like a sweatervest - the perfect in-between garment. And if you're feeling bold, maybe even wear a matching one! 


Sometimes, the fall season can see quite a bit of rain, especially if you live in the northwest. If your dog hates getting wet, or if you just want to help keep them dry and warm, consider zipping (or clipping, or velcroing) them into a raincoat. This way, they can spend time outside without getting their fur completely soaked. 


Admit it - your dog always looks adorable in a bandanna. These are also a great compromise if your dog doesn't like wearing shirts or sweaters. You can find a bandanna with fall patterns like plaid or designs with fall leaves. You can tie a bandanna around their neck, attach it to their color, or even around their head if they like a little ear protection.

Fall Colors

If your dog doesn't love wearing sweaters or coats, you shouldn't make them into one! However, you can still appreciate the fall season by choosing a new leash or collar in themed colors, like leafy greens or spooky purples. If you're wanting to go directly for a Halloween reference, maybe buy them an orange-and-black collar and leash. 

Halloween Costumes

Of course, this is the most obvious way to celebrate the fall season. If you are a lover of Halloween, then you should be sure that your dog is celebrating properly, too! Even before the holiday itself, you can start celebrating by putting your dog in cute Halloween-themed shirts or bandannas. If your dog doesn't like wearing clothes, you're not out of luck! You can get themed harnesses that have spiders attached to them or ghosts all over them. This way, when you walk your dog, you're bringing the Halloween season with you!

Remember, don't ever force your dog into something they don't want to wear. But do keep that fall season alive with both your style and your dog's style. 

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