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MINI Protective Sleeve - (PINE)

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Mini Protective Sleeve in Pine

MINI Protective Sleeve - (PINE) - $34.95 $34.95

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Stylish and functional.  The PINE protective sleeve looks great and prevents dogs from chewing on the Fresh Patch Mini box.  Fresh Patch grass is sold separately and please note, the Fresh Patch Wooden Sleeves and Plastic Trays are not compatible with each other.

Adding this to your Fresh Patch makes it the perfect outdoor potty for dogs.

Dimensions: 14.75” (length)  /  19.25” (width)   /   3.50” (height)

Free Shipping on All Orders

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great quality

Great quality and shipping is usually very fast. Customer service is great as well.

The R.
Great Grass

Driver doesnt deliver to my door!!! Everything else is great. Please deliver every 10 days instead of weekly. Grass lasts very well and is still good for my little dogs.

Debra S.
***** Time becomes Pretty

Thank you Fresh Patch for making what should be **** a bit nicer. Let's face it our dogs pooping in our homes is an EWWWW subject; somehow, the pine encasement takes the EWWWW out of the pooping.

Cassie P.
Fresh Patch/Protective Sleeve

So far our puppy, Cappy, is using the patch pretty regularly and it is making ***** training much easier. The pine sleeve just makes the patch look a little nicer. I recommend if you don't like the look of the cardboard box.

Nathan R.
A fresher patch

What made my purchase was the fact that the box came in a poor but still usable condition-I told customer service as such, they offered me a quick option to replace that box and I said yes. Shipping and everything was free and I actually ended up buying another fresh patch so overall, I have a replacement + 2 fresh patches (one of them w/ pine bordering which is way better than the cardboard box) and an extra box in case something weirdly wrong happens :) All under $70

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