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XL Combo Pack (Grass and Tray)

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XL Combo Pack (Grass and Tray)

XL Combo Pack (Grass and Tray) - $89.95 $89.95

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For a Limited Time Only:  Save when you bundle both the XL Tray and XL grass. 

Designed for pets weighing more than 30 lbs, this large hydroponically-grown dog grass mat measures an expansive 2' x 4' feet.

This is a great choice if you're looking for a dog potty for your patio.  Save money when you bundle both the XL Grass and Tray together.   With no contracts to sign, you can cancel your service at anytime. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Matthew George

Grass is great and customer service is 100% highly recommend

Thomas N Alfonso
Grass & Tray Combo

Placed grass on outside back porch. Perfect for training our new pup


I had to move my older dog into my apartment from my parents house due to an injury, he lived his whole life outdoors and hates being indoors unless it's raining or there's fireworks. In anticipation for surgery I was trying to help him get a potty routine down since he won't be able to walk after. Potty pads did not work, he didn't even register they were on the floor since he was so used to being outdoors and has never used a potty pad. It was the same thing with faux grass patches, nonexistent to him. A friend recommended Fresh Patch and the moment I got it, it was good bye cleaning accidents twice a day! I got my dog one to potty on and a separate one just to feel the grass and lay on for comfort as he transitions to apartment living. He loves it so I love it!

Yolanda Hernandez
Potty Time

I love this product!!!We are still in training with two10 week old puppies and they were chewing n tearing up the pads and with the patch they have caught on!!!

Jessi Oester
Better than Doggie Lawn

I used to be a subscription holder for Doggie Lawn and recently switched to Fresh Patch. The quality of the sod/grass is larger and more reasonably priced than Doggie Lawn.

I got the XL so I had to get a plastic tray with it as opposed to the wooden ones but the plastic tray itself is a MILLION times better than that of Doggie Lawn's. This tray is thicker and much more durable than the cheap thin plastic that Doggie Lawn offers. Doggie Lawn also makes you pay yhe same price as Fresh Patch for a new tray and theirs breaks the second you attempt to move or clean it.

So much happier with product and so glad I made the switch

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