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Dogs & Beaches - What You Should Know

It's Memorial Day weekend, which means plenty of us are heading out to the beach to celebrate. 

Some beaches out there allow dogs, and if the beach you're heading to does, you'll want some tips on how to enjoy the beach with your pup in tow - so you'll be safe and have fun!

Fido swimming lessons

Okay, so maybe don't take them to your swim instructor, but your dog should know how to swim before they hit the beach. Before going to the beach, you'll want to test them out in a pool where you can see how strong of a swimmer they are and practice with them before they hit the beach.

Fresh water & shade

Make sure that you bring a big beach umbrella so that there's plenty of shade for your pup, which will keep them from getting overheated. Have plenty of fresh water on hand, too, so they can hydrate as much as they need. 

Speaking of water...

Make sure they aren't gulping up saltwater. it's okay for them to play and inhale it, just like we do, but ingesting too much of it will dehydrate them and could cause them an upset tummy.


Even though dogs have a lot more hair than we do, they can still burn. Their ears and nose are most sensitive to sunlight. And guess what? They make sunscreen for dogs! You'll be able to find a bunch on Amazon.

Leash & collar

If a beach is pet-friendly, that probably means they don't have a leash policy, but you'll want to have control over your dog when possible, so make sure they have a collar or harness on and you have that leash with you! 

Choppy waves means no play

You might be able to handle rough waves, but your dog doesn't quite understand the dangers of them. Make sure that if the waters are choppy, you keep them on a leash at the edge of the shore rather than let them loose. 

Hidden treasures could mean hidden dangers

If your dog likes to pup likes to dig stuff up, chances are they'll be looking for treasure at the beach. Keep a close eye on them and scan the beach beforehand for things they could find that could hurt them, like jellyfish, crawfish, garbage, or broken glass.  

Post-beach bath

Just like you rinse off the sea after a day in it, you'll want to make sure your pup gets a thorough washing, too.

Everybody, beach on! 



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Jenna Gomes