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2021 National Dog Show Review

2021 National Dog Show Review

There's one thing that we can all agree on with the dog show this year: Those. Were. Some. Cute. Puppies. Here's a little rundown of how the dog show went this year:

This year, the Philadelphia Kennel Club was able to allow spectators to watch the show, a big step up from last year, when they had to make use of cardboard cutouts. And we have to admit... we're just a bit jealous that those folks got to see 600 adorable doggos!

While the dog show is still functioning at less than half-capacity in terms of canine participants, there were still plenty of eager puppers strutting their stuff. 

The tiniest winner was the adorable Affenpinscher, Chester, who basically looks like a pint-sized Chewbacca. Although his style could do nothing to beat the killer bangs on MM, a Lakeland Terrier and the winner of the Terrier Group. 

The overall favorite of the night was probably the winner of the non-sporting group, Winter the Bulldog, who full-on fell asleep at one point. We get it, Winter, we get it. 

Did you know - the Kennel Club has putting this show on since 1879! It was brought to the national screen for the first time in 2002, which means we're close to celebrate 20 years of this Thanksgiving Day tradition.

And the winner this year? Well, she broke records! Claire the Scottish Deerhound won for the second year in a row - something that hasn't happened in 20 years. This record-breaking pup is a Certified Best Girl, so it's no wonder why she took home the trophy two years in a row. However, in our hearts, ALL the dogs are winners.

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Jenna Gomes