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Why You Should Give Senior Dogs a Chance

It’s a sad reality: there a lot of older or senior dogs in animal shelters that never really leave.  When we think about the excitement of a new dog, we often think of adopting a puppy or very young dog.  It makes sense, we want them to grow old with us, and have plenty of time with them.  However, courtesy of a few hints from, here a few reasons you should consider adopting an older fella:

1. You’d be a hero – Seriously, hero status.  You are not only doing good by adopting, but you are saving a life when you adopt an older dog.  Most senior dogs in shelters unfortunately have to euthanized because of overpopulation.

2. Older dogs are already trained – That’s right, no worrying about teaching the basics to a puppy or young dog!  Older dogs already know not to chew, how to walk on a leash and where to go to the bathroom (outside or on their Fresh Patch!)

3. Their personality is already developed – Sometimes when you adopt a very young dog, you can’t quite tell what they will turn out like.  You often hope there are no surprises as to how big they’ll grow or how they’ll react to other animals.  With older dogs, their personality is fully developed and you’ll already know what you’re getting.

4. Less energetic – Sometimes, puppies can take a lot of energy.  They’ll most likely be running around a lot and will need lots of exercise.  They’ll need constant monitoring, like a baby.  However, older dogs have calmed down and will most likely just want to cuddle with you.

5. Fast friends – Speaking of cuddling, it probably won’t take long for a senior dog to do this with you.  Most are already accustomed to humans and how to behave around them.  This means, on the general, they are more likely to take to you right away.

6. Old Dogs, New Tricks – While nearly all older dogs are already trained, they can always keep learning!  It’s fun to see what you can teach them, and they’ll likely learn even faster because they’re used to learning tricks already.


So go out there and take home a senior dog!  They might be a brief light in your life, but they’ll be a bright one.

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes