January 24, 2017

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Animal Cop Shows

To wag your tail goodbye to Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week, we’ll cover some animal rescue television shows that you can catch on tv.  Watching these officers hard at work will help you feel the ultimate appreciation.

Animal Cops: Houston (Animal Planet) – Over the years, there has been a slew of Animal Cops spinoffs, in Miami, Detroit, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Phoenix and even South Africa.  However, currently, Animal Cops: Houston is the only Animal Cops still running.  After a hiatus in 2012, it began again in 2014.  It focuses on the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the work they do.

Animal Rescue with Alex Paen – Like Animal Cops, this show is documentary-style, but instead of following a precinct in their daily work, Animal Rescue publishes reenactments (and some actual footage) of rescue workers (not just animal cops, but police and firemen, too!) rescuing trapped, hurt or endangered animals. Animal Rescue has its own website, where you can find a list of airings of the show in your area.

Animal Precinct (Animal Planet) – Though this show is no longer running, it certainly deserves a shout out.  Animal Precinct was a show that was also documentary-style, and in many ways, inspired the start of shows like Animal Cops and its spinoffs.  It focused specifically on the ASPCA and their animal cop division, the Humane Law Enforcement.  Though it’s no longer being produced, you might still be able to catch reruns on Animal Planet.


Whatever the show, however sad it might be to watch, it puts things in perspective.  Pat your dog and thank your lucky stars he’s in your arms.  And before this week is over, thank an animal control officer, somewhere, anywhere!

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