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Theia, the Zombie Dog

Zombies have gained a bit of popularity since The Walking Dead.  But the zombies in The Walking Dead, much like the zombies in other tv shows and on film, are all humans.

Recently, Spokane, Washington has had their own mini Zombie apocalypse.  But there’s only one zombie – and it’s a dog.

Back in February, farmhands in a town called Moses Lake had taken to a one-year-old stray pitbull.  She often hung around the farm and they would feed her.  She was well-known in the community and fed scraps by many people, not just farmhands.

Sure enough, when the dog went missing for a few days, her absence was noticed.  She showed up, emaciated and dirt-covered, at the farm she often came to for scraps.  It eventually came to be revealed that four days prior to her arrival, she had been seemingly dead.

Sarah Mellado, a local Moses Lake resident, ended up taking the dog in and naming her Theia.  She took her to Washington State University’s veterinary hospital where their Good Samaritan Fund committee raised $700 to begin treatment on her.  She came in with a dislocated jaw, leg injuries and a caved-in sinus cavity.

The details came out over the next few weeks.  Theia had been hit by a car and severely injured.  A local ranch hand misguidedly thought it would be best to put her out of her misery and took a hammer to her head.  Thinking she was dead, he put her in a box and buried her in the ground.

But Theia wasn’t dead.  She dug her way out of her makeshift grave and has been making an amazing recovery ever since.  Theia still has trouble breathing, and though she could survive with her limited breathing, her new owner wants to make sure she is never in the kind of pain she went through again.  She has a GoFundMe set up to help raise the remaining money it will take to make Theia good as new.

Zombie dog or miracle dog?  I’d like to think Theia is a little of both.

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes