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Things That Actually Bother Your Dog

I love my dog, you love your dog, we all love our dogs!  But you know when even your best friend can do those things that actually really bother you but you don’t say anything?  Yeah, it turns out that you can do things that really annoy your dog, too!  They just aren’t able to tell you!  Here are some things that actually bother your dog:

  1. Hugging – We all love to hug the things we love! But hugging your dog isn’t a proper way to show them this love.  While we understand hugs as a sign of affection, dogs don’t register that.  It is not part of their brain programming, so it’ll feel weird and foreign to them.  It can unfortunately even induce aggression.
  2. Laying around all day – Yes, we all know that dogs can be lazy! But they don’t want to be cooped up all the time.  Even if they’re a lethargic dog, they still need exercise or they will get restless and chew up all your shoes or show some other form of rebellion.
  3. Being sick – It sounds weird, but you being sick actually bothers your dog. When you sneeze or cough, this sounds is similar to something called a “tooth snap” which alerts a dog of threat or danger.  Try not to sneeze or cough too close to them!
  4. Using only words as commands – Dogs can learn commands, as we know, but they need more than words. They aren’t meant to understand human language, therefore when you tell them to stay or ask them to sit, it is helpful to make a motion as well since they respond best to body language.
  5. Baby talk – If you say you haven’t baby talked to your dog, you are lying. We all do it, even if we don’t all the time.  However, it’s not the best to use all the time, especially if you use a high-pitched baby voice.  This whiny tone makes your dog think that you are distressed and in turn, they’ll be anxious and worried about you!

Sometimes we have to remember that as though we sometimes see our dogs as our best friend and view them as fellow people, they work differently than humans!

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes