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Strange Pet Toys

In honor of Fresh Patch’s recent appearance on Shark Tank, we’re gonna feature a few… obscure doggy items out there (that weren’t on Shark Tank, but were made into fruition nonetheless:

  1. Bowser Beer – Yes, it is what it sounds like: a six-pack for dogs. It’s a non-alcoholic beer for dogs with beef and chicken flavoring.  You probably shouldn’t try it.
  2. Sexy Beast Perfume – Perfume for dogs… it’s supposed to make them smell better without messing with their sense of smell.
  3. Humanga Lips Dog Toy – A dog toy that has a giant set of lips at the other end of the ball. Your dog is guaranteed to look hilarious.
  4. Songs to Make Dogs Happy – A CD for dogs, apparently compiled with the assistance of “over 200 canine participants.”
  5. Treat Launcher – Instead of just giving your dog a treat, you can launch the treat at them and turn it into a little game.
  6. Dog Tweeting – Your dog can wear this new type of tag that sends a tweet to your dog’s Twitter account every time they bark or move. So you can know what your dog is doing… all the time…
  7. Rear Gear Butt Cover – Because if you’re too ashamed of your dog having natural body parts, you can cover them up!
  8. Poop Tent – A little dog tent that your dog can go into to have privacy while they do their business. It’s waterproof so that they can go out when it’s raining, too!

So maybe these ideas aren’t as practical as the Fresh Patch, but you might use for some of these wacky products.

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