January 24, 2017

Get Pup-ed for Super Bowl Sunday!

Super Bowl Sunday isn’t just for humans.  There are a host of dog-themed traditions to get pumped about!  (And it isn’t just the snacks that fall on the floor and serve as a buffet for your dog.)

The first thing to get excited about… The Puppy Bowl!  Animal Planet is a blessing to cable television in so many ways, and one of them is for their invention of the Puppy Bowl.  This year… the Seadogs versus the Pawtriots. I love football… when my team is playing.  This year, they are (go Patriots!), but in years when I don’t like any of the teams… I totally admit to tuning into the Puppy Bowl.  And it’s adorable!  If you don’t like sports, you can still participate in the Super Bowl by just watching the Puppy Bowl instead!  You can still have Superbowl-themed snacks and even get a betting pool going.  But you get to watch puppies bump around and just be cute.  And what’s awesome… you can watch the Puppy Bowl livestream of the “locker room”, which is just again… puppies being adorable.

Another thing to look forward to, of course, are the commercials.  So here’s a heads up on the cute dog—themed commercials you can expect:

  • A cute Pedigree commercial that encourages you to get a dog instead of other… exotic animals.
  • Rumor has it that Audi has a dog show-themed spot this year.
  • Mountain Dew puts two things together that normally wouldn’t go together: A dog and twerking.  Specifically, a sheepdog twerking. It might horrifying or it might be hilarious…
  • And of course, the moment everyone is looking forward to: Budweiser’s adorable sequel to last year’s ad, called “Lost Dog”


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