January 24, 2017

“Shark Tank” Doggy Products

We here at Fresh Patch are big fans of ABC’s Shark Tank.  There have been lots of interesting products on Shark Tank ranging from wacky to insanely practical.  We’ve decided to focus on all of the doggy products that have had a run on Shark Tank, in case you might find any of interest!

Puppy Cake – Just what it sounds, cake for dogs!  But also lots of other sweet treats that are canine-friendly.

Doodie Pack – This vest will fit your dog comfortably and serves as a carrying device for treats, toys, and even your dog’s bathroom business.

The Bear & The Rat – Another company that makes tasty, sweet treats for dogs!

HeartPup – This product is a sling for dogs!  Not for them to wear, but for you.  Much like carrying your baby around you, you can now carry your small dog!

Kane & Couture – A fashion company… for dogs!  Yep, this company makes high-end pet accessories that look like they came from Saks & Fifth Avenue!

Cornucopia – Described as “Health Assurance for Pets”, Cornucopia is a super-food vitamin for dogs and other pets.

Barkem’s To Go – Portable pet meals, just like Lunchables, but for dogs!  Each pack comes with food and a tray for water that your dog can eat when you’re out and about.

Ry’s Ruffery – An 11-year-old’s company, who started baking homemade, healthy dog treats for his dog.

Priority One Canine – The only company on Shark Tank that sold dogs as their product, Priority One trains and sells dogs for personal protection.

PetPaint – It’s colored hairspray for your dog, whether you’re taking him to a football game or dressing her up for Halloween.

TurboPup – If you’re a runner and scarf down protein bars, they exist for your canine running buddy, too!


So check out these products and keep an eye out on Shark Tank, you never know when there might be another useful dog product featured.

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