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Classic Training Solutions

Recently, Ann King, a reporter from Colorado, published an article on some timeless training tips. I found them quite wise, so I’ll summarize her tips for you here!

  1. Be patient – Behavioral changes can take time. Work through them slowly. “Build up” to rewards.
  2. Be consistent – Once decided on a disciplinary action, such as not allowing your dog in the kitchen while you’re eating dinner, repeat it every night. Consistency helps dogs relax and grasp the idea better.
  3. Give cues and commands – Get your dog used to commands by naming them when they do them naturally, like saying “sit” when he sits.
  4. Think of English as foreign – Dogs don’t understand English, therefore, long-winded statements are confusing. Stick to simple one-word commands.
  5. Ignore bad, reward good – Ignoring bad behaviors, like jumping, will help them go away. Rewarding good behaviors, like sitting quietly, will let dogs know it’s a good thing.
  6. Know your dog – Cater to their interests! If they’re a social dog, take them to the dog park. If kids make them nervous, try to keep them from them.

These tips are a great base for your training, and are easy to make specific to your situation!


-Jenna Gomes

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