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Fresh Patch Sees More Americans Bringing Their Dogs To Work

“Bring Your Dog To Work Day” is expanding beyond a one-day annual event, says Fresh Patch, maker of the real-grass disposable dog potty. The Fresh Patch Company welcomes this trend because its product makes it easy for people to bring their dogs to the office and other work locations. The Company says that having a real-grass potty at work for a visiting dog will help keep the boss happy by reducing the chance of dog accidents on carpets and floors, and will help co-workers accept that a dog has joined the team. For dogs who can’t tag along to work, the Fresh Patch potty is an in-home backyard any time of day or night.

The statistics tell the dog-wagging tale. Seventeen percent of American companies reported that they allow their employees to bring their dogs to work on occasion, according to a survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association. Employees of those companies brought their dogs to work an average of 22 times during 2012, up from 17 times in 2008.

Fresh Patch is not surprised that proponents of dogs in the workplace are influencing corporate behavior. According to the American Pet Products Association, 68 percent of Americans report owning at least one pet. Among those households, 47 percent of the pets are dogs. Companies that have “led the pack” in fostering the presence of dogs at work include Google, Apple, and Subaru.

Subaru has really been resonating with the dog-friendly community, says the Fresh Patch Company. Dogs are not just noticeable in Subaru T.V. commercials; they are also on the car company’s showroom floors—brought there by both employees and customers alike. Moreover, Subaru is a major supporter of dog-adoption events and of research studies that can improve the safety of dogs while traveling in cars.


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Jenna Gomes