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Training Puppies

There are various schools of thought when it comes to house training a brand new puppy.  Just like children, puppies are impressionable and it is important to teach them right from wrong early on in their development.  The easiest and most effective solution is to offer a treat or reward when they go to the bathroom on their designated spot.

There are only a handful of solutions available for in-home training.  Newspapers, pee pads, synthetic grass toilets all have one thing in common.  They teach a dog that it is OK to relieve themselves on a sythetic material.   Many dog owners sadly realize that dogs will often assume any synthetic material is a toilet (carpet, wood floors, etc.)

Fresh Patch is unique because puppies learn to go on grass which is a 100% natural surface.  Dogs trained on Fresh Patch learn to only go on grass, whether it is inside or outside.


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Jenna Gomes