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Post July 4th Safety

Happy day-after-4th-of-July!  Last year, we posted a blog about 4th of July safety tips for your dog.  But it's important to emphasize that precautions shouldn't stop after the day itself.

Keep in mind that post-Independence-Day celebrations do occur.  Many people take advantage of the sale and clearance on fireworks and use them after the day itself.  Be on guard and make sure your dog isn't out loose in your yard just in case your neighbors decided to take advantage of this.  

Did you have a barbecue or get-together for the 4th?  Make sure to clean up thoroughly and don't let your dog mill around while you're still in the process.  If you throw old meat in the garbage, make sure it is sealed and that your dog can't get to it.  Diseases can be easily passed to your dog from old meat.  Putting your leftovers in an old chip bag or a plastic bag will not only reduce the smell of it in your garbage, but it will make it harder for your dog to get to it.  

When it comes to food, be careful with leftover bones.  It seems nice to give your dog a rib bone or chicken bone, but they can break easily when they're chewing on them.  Your dog might then accidentally or intentionally ingest part of the bone, not knowing any better.  This can then become lodged and their throat and can be fatal.  They say "throw the dog a bone" but in this case, throw the trash can a bone.  

Be gentle with loud noises for the week following the 4th.  Your dog might still be skittish after hearing all the firework booms.  

These are tips that can carry over from holidays to post-holidays to anytime!  Just remember, your dog will probably look really cute in that tiny Uncle Sam hat you see on clearance... 

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Jenna Gomes