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Celebrity Good-Do(g)ers

One of my ultimate goals is to make it big in writing and acting (yes, both, I'm selfish), and I always think about the causes I'd advocate for if I had a big name (and a bigger paycheck.)  Oftentimes, it seems like famous actors, writers, or musicians are simply crusading for something to give themselves a good image.  But oftentimes, you can see the heart and passion behind what they're fighting for.

 I know that I'd for sure stand up for animal rights, so let's take a look at some celebs who lend their hearts out to the animals!


Ryan Gosling - He makes our hearts throb, but his heart goes out to all of the animals.  He stands strongly against caging animals and wrote an op-ed piece for The Globe and Mail fighting against the poor treatment of commercial animals who later become our food.  Even more reason to fall madly in love with him...

Ellen DeGenerous - I doubt there is a soul on Earth who dislikes Ellen, and there's even more reason to think she's the absolute bomb.  On her talk show, she routinely focuses on animals rights and pet care.  And on her website, she often features animals who need a loving home.  She even became a part owner of Halo, a holistic pet care company.  

Kristen Bell - You might have seen her crying hysterically over the thought of a sloth being in her presence, but her love extends outside of sloths.  She's a vegetarian and has called herself an animal lover from day one.  She continuously fosters animals and supports the Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego.

Willie Nelson - Good music, good soul.  Since the beginning of his 40-year career, Nelson has been outspoken about animal rights.  He sponsors the Best Friends Animal Society and spoke out strongly for Ohio House Bill 14, which would remove a law allowing canine profiling depend on breed.  He even wrote letters to Ohio residents asking them to write to their senators in support of the bill.

Ke$ha - She might be a little out there, but she's a strong supporter of animal rights.  Not only has she spoken out strongly against mistreatment of wild animals, but she also only supports cruelty-free cosmetics.  She's so outspoken that she earned the 2013 Wyler Award from the Humane Society.


Maybe you loved one of these celebs before and now love them even more, or maybe you thought Ke$ha was a little kooky and now have some respect for her.  Either way, these guys deserve a tail wag for the way they use their big names for the good of our furry friends!

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Jenna Gomes