January 24, 2017

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A Lesson on Inter-Animal Communication

Recently, Bozeman, Montana hosted a different kind of canine class.  

Animal communication expert Andrea Miller led a class that didn't teach owners how to give their dogs order, but rather, how to communicate with them. This class isn't for everyone.  There is definitely the potential of a few giggles when taking instructions from Miller, but that's nothing to be afraid of.  

This is different than a class with a trainer like Cesar Milan, who instructs you on how to discipline and train your.  Miller puts the owner and the dog on the same level in order to foster a connection between them.

Miller points out that we often wonder what our dog is thinking or feeling but don't think we can answer that question.  However, she argues otherwise.  Miller says that if we take the time to listen to our dog, we'll be able to understand them.

How, you ask?  "It doesn't take something special.  It just takes love," says Miller.  She instructs her students to open their heart "like a flower" to their dogs at least ten minutes a day.  Miller will then go through the class, pointing out each dog's dietary, physical and emotional needs.

“If people listen, animals love to communicate, they just have to be open to it.  It’s not psychic. It’s about trust and love. The trust starts with (the owner) and whether you trust yourself.”

So next time you're feeling a distance between you and your pooch, or can't put your finger on why they're agitated, consider this slightly philosophical approach to it.  Maybe if you listen, you'll hear something you never knew as there!


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