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Surprising Ways Your Dog Can be Poisoned

As dog owners, we are all extremely cautious when it comes to what we feed our pooches.  We know that certain foods aren't good for Fido, but it turns out there are things other than chocolate that can be bad for your dogs.  The following things can be dangerous for your dog, and all too easy to get to at home.

  1.  Medications - This includes regular over the counter meds and prescriptions.  People medications, even something as simple as ibuprofren, can harm your dog.  Dogs have ta lower tolerance to acidity than we do, and the medications can wear too much on their stomach lining.  
  2. Rodent poison/snail bait/insecticides - It's meant to exterminate small animals, but if your dog takes in too much of it, it can have lethal effects on them as well.  Even a small amount can make them sick.
  3. Poisonous plants - There are actually many poisonous plants out there.  It's a bit scary to look at the whole list, but not all of these are lethal.  You can view the list (pictures included) here.
  4. Household chemicals - This is anything you can think of that you use to clean.  Bleach, detergent, anything that is a chemical can not only be dangerous to kids, but animals.
  5. Toxic toads - This sounds weird, and while there might not be toads hopping around your house, they could be in your yard or garden.  All toads can release toxins when threatened, and while they usually don't release enough to be fatal, Colorado River Toads and Cane Toads are the most poisonous and can greatly harm your dog.
  6. Heavy metals (lead, mercury, and others) - These can be found anywhere, so be careful.  Even common items like pencils and mercury thermometers can contain these.
  7. Antifreeze - This can be highly poisonous to animals.  Make sure you keep your dog away when you're putting antifreeze in your car, as if any amount spills, they can lick it up and suffer poisoning. 

Some of these things are items you keep around the house, others are things in the environment that you can't control.  You don't need to lock your dog up or anything to keep them safe but just make sure to keep an eye for things that could hurt them.

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes