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From Certain Death to Service Pet

As dog lovers (and animal lovers) we all hate thinking about the fact that some dogs' lives will end simply because they don't get adopted.  In Evans, Georgia, there were people who finally wanted to change this.  A relatively unknown organization adopted out all the "death row" dogs from Evans' shelter.

Veterans K-9 Solutions is a group we all need to knowledge ourselves about.  They're pulling double hero-duty!  What Veterans K-9 Solutions does is provide war veterans who need help, either from injuries sustained in the war or after, with service dogs to assist them.  Dogs are remarkable companions, as we know.  Not only can they help the blind and the physically impaired, but also the emotionally impaired.  PTSD is a major medical condition that cripples many veterans after war, and dogs can help them cope.  

K-9's mission statement is simple: "Veterans K9 Solutions, Inc. is an organization bringing canine and veterans together with the simple goal; rehabilitate a canine to rehabilitate a veteran."

What this means is that they're not only helping the human half of the equation!  What K-9 does is go into shelters and adopt dogs who are on "death row" or about to be euthanized, and then train them to be a service dog for a veteran.  

I'm tearing up!  Personally, animal welfare and PTSD are my two biggest concerns and causes, so obviously I'm all about this program!  But how could you not be?  These animals aren't only being saved from death, but they're being saved to help someone else!  There's nothing more inspirational than that.  

Here's one success story to make you guys tear up:

Marc & Jake:  Marc, a veteran of the Iraqi War on Freedom, has struggled with PTSD and TBI over ten years.  Crowds made him anxious, he was always on edge and would have terrible night terrors.  Enter Jake, who wasn't actually saved from death row in a shelter, but death row on the street.  He was incredibly scared and it seemed he would never warm up to anyone.  But K-9 took him in and began training him, and it turned out, Marc and Jake were the perfect fit.  They haven't left each other's sides since and serve as great therapy for each other!  Marc and doing incredibly better with his PTSD, and Jake is full of energy and friendly to all!

Way to go, Veterans K-9 Solutions! Saving man and man's best friend.

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Jenna Gomes