January 24, 2017

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Celebrity (Dog)ooders

Celebrities are everywhere - and so are their animals!  But while with a lot of big celebrities, we know what they're doing, what they're eating and almost everything about them, we don't always know about their pets.  There is always a cute feature page in tabloids about celebs being out with their pets, but that doesn't give us much information.

So, in honor of Thanksgiving coming up, we're going to throw a big "thanks" out to the big stars who have big hearts, big enough to choose rescue dogs over breeders.  Here are just a few down-to-earth celebs who chose adoption.

1. Selena Gomez - Selena doesn't just have one rescue dog, she has 6!  All six of her pooches were adopted from shelters and she is definitely a proud mama.  


2. Zooey Deschanel - When Zooey met Dot, an adorable shelter dog, she fell in love with her and immediately wanted to adopt her.  But her generosity doesn't stop there.  When she found out Dot had a sister, she adopted her too because she didn't want to seperate them!


3. Ryan Reynolds - Ryan wasn't looking for a dog for himself, but rather for his friend, when he met his now-best-friend Baxter.  Ryan claims he "fell in love" with Baxter at first sight and that the two were immediate best friends.


4. Jane Lynch - Jane's adoptions weren't really planned, but at two separate adoption fair events, she met her dogs Olivia and Francis and couldn't help but take them home!  So if you see Jane Lynch at an adoption event, don't expect her to leave empty-handed.


5. Charlize Theron - Charlize isn't just adopting - she's s big animal-rights advocate.  She uses her fame to speak out against animal abuse and testing.  And she's adopted four dogs! 


It's easy to forget that celebrities are just regular people like us - and they, too, have can have big hearts open to rescuing and adopting their furry friends.

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