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Thanksgiving Safety Do's

We've offered many tips to keep your dog safe at holiday gatherings, but it can't be said enough!  With the hectic nature of holidays like Thanksgiving, we sometimes let the needs of our animals get pushed to the back of our minds.  But let's remember what's most important: to keep everyone (and dog) safe and healthy so Thanksgiving can live up to its name.

Here are some important tips to keep your dog happy on Thanksgiving:

  • Don't overfeed!  It's easy to want to include your dog in on your festivities, but while we can handle a little indigestion at the end of the day, they find it much more difficult to deal with.  Whether you're feeding them table food or their own food or treats, beware of how much. 
  • If your dog is looking at you with those eyes that say, "I smell the food, give me some," you still can.  Try stuffing some soft turkey meet and sweet potatoes inside your dog's Kong.  (If you haven't heard of a Kong, they are spherical rubber toys that can hold food.)
  • Exercise, exercise, exercise!  If your dog is exhausted, chances are they'll beg a lot less and won't be at everyone's laps around the table.  They'll just be passed out in the next room!
  • Be picky with the turkey.  Humans can pick what they want from the turkey, but dogs just see food.  Turkey skin itself is bad on dogs' tummies and bones can get caught in their throat or tear their esophagus or stomach.  So if you do give your dog a small amount of turkey (please, only a little!) make sure it's skinless and boneless.  And that it's cooked!
  • No onions!  Onions are actually toxic to dogs.  It acts as poison to them and can bring on anemia, which you won't be able to notice for days.
  • Keep an eye on the booze.  If you're drinking alcohol, make sure you keep an eye on it.  Some dogs actually like the smell and taste of alcohol, so there's a danger that they might consume it.  And nobody wants a drunk dog on their hands.  It might seem funny at first, but it can be dangerous.

You can have the best Thanksgiving by making sure you dog has the best Thanksgiving, too.  Cheers!  And when you let that turkey thaw out, make sure you keep it far away from Fido!

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes